Friday, April 18, 2014

From Beloved free baba jimi in Milano

Approximately 20 years ago Sam and I had traveled to S. Africa on a surfing trip there. S. Africans use a term called a “joll” which is short for a jolly good time. It’s a term they use on road trips to say all the normal rules don’t apply just relax, let it flow and have a good time.

Yesterday Lita and I kept reminding ourselves that we were on a joll. Our plane to Frankfurt was late. We missed our connection to Milan and thus our train to Cannes. As a result we had to get a hotel room in Milan near the Milan train station for our train trip today. We also had to buy new train tickets – it was a big hassle.

As it turned out, we got to see the Duomo in Milan and we got a great night’s sleep and breakfast in a nice hotel. The “joll” is a great Metaphor for traveling and for life in general. Keep a positive frame of mind and go with what is – even when you don’t like it.

When you argue with reality, you lose but only every time.

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2 Responses to “From Beloved free baba jimi in Milano”
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    Having a good joli , enjoying what is , enjoy the adventure, it is a great adventure. See you soon

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    Thomas Carney says:

    Ahh, the Duomo…that is something, a secular spectacle that until the Sun blows up, humans will marvel at. Jimi, so glad you guys got to see that! T