GREEN Sites & Blogs I Love

The following green and eco-friendly blogs seem to come through with simple, easy to follow directions and ideas for creating a greener life while also saving some $$$.

  • LovingEco – Sign up to keep updated on all their green and eco-friendly offers.



  • Crunchy Betty – Leslie is simply “the Guru”. She motivated me to join her “pit-sniffer” club and her “no poo” movement. I am constantly making facial products from her recipes and putting “food on my face” and am thrilled that they all work so well. Somehow reading her posts keeps me grounded and, trust me, I can use all the help I can get in that area! Oh and I’m addicted to her homemade face scrub!


  • Toxic Beauty – if you’re interested in “going green with your beauty routine”, sign up here for free e-books and a free newsletter.


  • Eco-Friendly & Frugal – you can spend all day and then some reading all the wonderful information on this blog. BONUS – there’s always a giveaway or two to enter!


  • All Natural Annie – This site could also be placed above in the “food” category. Lots of information on natural beauty, natural health, recipes and information on creating a more natural home.

Know of any other sites I should check out? If so, please email them to me so I can try them and share.

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