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Emerald Eco Friendly Products

So, you know my eco-goals each year include lessening waste – including the waste of paper products. We’ve done away with paper napkins at our house and also use paper towels minimally – we have quite a stash of good rags ready at all times to help with clean-ups, spills, etc. We haven’t gotten away […]

Green Tip Tuesday – DeodoMom

I’ll admit, I’m totally one of those people that can sweat…A LOT! Is it a gene thing?? or body type thing? I’m not complaining – I’m way beyond that and have far moved into acceptance. The lovely people at offered to send me some of their toxin-free and hypoallergenic DeodoMom deodorant to try. This deodorant has […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Attacking Fleas with Salt

September 4, 2012 by  
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Not that my cute little orca pony, Bubba, could ever have fleas…oh my, heck no. But should he? I know exactly what natural method I would try to get them out of our house. We have carpet pretty much everywhere except the bathrooms in our house. Not exactly my choice, but that’s another story for […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Vinegar Uses when Nature Attacks

The wonders of vinegar. This magic elixir comes in so many forms and can be used for everything from cleaning your house, preserving foods and soothing all your aches and pains. There are so many uses for vinegar. Since it’s just a magnificent time of year to be outdoors, I’d like to focus on how […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Chlorine Remover

Green Tip Tuesday is back!! It’s been far too long, but now with summer winding down a bit, I can get back into my routine (which is, in fact, usually anything but routine!) Might have been better to share this tip at the beginning of summer, but “better late than never”I always say. If you’re […]

Friday’s Fabulous Five

Happy Friday everyone!! Here are the 5 Fabulous (in my opinion) standout moments I had this past week – hopefully one or more of them will inspire others to go green and/or try healthier foods and/or support eco-friendly businesses and/or take some time for themselves to be creative and play.  on my list this week […]

Green Tip – Nellie’s Laundry Products Giveaway

In my never-ending attempt at making our house greener and greener, I’ve found a new line of laundry products I’d love to share. Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Products I have been using the Laundry Nuggets and the Oxygen Brightener for a few weeks now and LOVE them! You know how you’ve probably read that people (and […]

Product Review – Rodan + Fields

May 10, 2012 by  
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Aaahhh the skin! If you’ve never had skin issues of any sort, well then I am so very envious of you! I’ve never had major skin issues, though I definitely have noticed more acne – yes, acne in my 40s than I have at any other time in my life. Could this be hormones? Who […]

More CHIA Love!

Just as I was getting ready to write about this DELICIOUS Chia/Vie drink I tried, I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, Leslie over at Crunchy Betty has a post up about using Chia on your FACE! You know I’ve already written about how much I LOVE Chia – not to mention all the […]

Eco-Tip: The Coco Bidet

(please read this post with a sense of humor) So, paper napkins are a thing of the past in our house. Paper towels – minimalized – as in we still have plenty left on the first roll I opened at the beginning of the year. We tend to use rags now to wipe our counters […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Eco Cosmetics

Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions on eco-friendly cosmetic products – do I use them and do I have recommendations? So, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorites on Green Tip Tuesday now and again. Now, I’m no an expert. In fact, I’m continually learning, but in my ongoing attempts at creating […]

Let’s talk Vodka!!

Ahhh vodka, it seems you’re not just for happy hour anymore. (truly, I can’t even remember the last time I even went to a happy hour – I simply have them at home now – getting old I guess!) My interest in these using vodka tips started with a quick article I read in Health magazine and, […]

Tip Tuesday – Green vs Toxic Cleaning

January 10, 2012 by  
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Are you still bringing toxins into your home for cleaning? Are you not even sure what these toxins are and what the alternatives are (like I was)? Let me help. Here’s a list of ingredients that can be in your toxic cleaning products: Alkylphenol ethocylates (APEs) and Nonyphenols (NPEs) Ammonia Fragrances – which could contain […]

Tip Tuesday – Vegan Field Roast

So, last year on Tuesdays, I called my posts “Green Tip Tuesday” and I shared tips on adding a little “green” and eco-friendliness to your household. This year, I’m going with simply “Tip Tuesday”. I can still share green tips, but also want to share vegan products (which I consider green too) and also any […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Soft Scrub

Another fabulous recipe from: Homemade Soft Scrub Ingredients: 1 cup baking soda warm water 2 -3 drops liquid soap 1. Combine baking soda with enough water to forma  a paste. 2. Add liquid soap. 3. Apply this no-scratch, chlorine free paste to surfaces and let sit for at least 5 minutes. 4. Scrub with a […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Liquid Dishsoap

I know, I know, you’re thinking “it’s about time she gets back to “Green Tip Tuesdays” Yes, it is about time…I mean I should try to have SOME standards around here. Today, I’m going to share my latest find in “Mother Earth News” magazine. It’s a recipe I’ve been searching for for quite some time […]

Gnu Foods Snack Bars

November 22, 2011 by  
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YES!! another delicious vegan bar!! This one from GnuFoods I just tried the Banana Walnut flavor. YUMMY!! 12 grams of fiber (which is 48% of your daily fiber). Good for you heart…and I’m always looking for heart healthy foods (you would too if you had my genetics). Made with 6 whole grains and 100% fruit […]

Green Giveaway – Misto Spritzers

September 14, 2011 by  
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Yes, though I haven’t written much about it lately, I’m still always looking for ways to “GREEN” my home. Recently, I’ve been working on getting rid of any and all aerosols I have. I know CFCs were banned from aerosols in the 70s and aerosols (in the US anyways) are nowadays considered more earth-friendly because […]

No More Paper Towels

February 23, 2011 by  
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This may not sound like such a big deal to you. In fact, I really hope it doesn’t – then you may be more inclined to join me. Last year, I made the commitment to not use paper napkins in our home any more. So, all year long (and still today) we’ve used those “fancy” […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Greener 2011

January 4, 2011 by  
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Are you still contemplating your 2011 resolutions? How about adding “going green(er)” to your list? There are so many choices we can make every day to move us toward creating a more earth-friendly world. Of course, I’ll continue to share the ways I attempt to create a greener household and life here, but as this […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Cleaning Silver Jewelry

December 28, 2010 by  
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One thing on my “to do” list this week (as I’m off of work) is to clean my silver jewelry. These pieces just seems to be very, very tarnished… probably from a year of hanging out in the open (as opposed to being tucked away in a jewelry box). One non-toxic alternative I have is […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Wrapping Paper Recycle

December 21, 2010 by  
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Have you already finished all your gift wrapping this holiday season?? Or are you like me, doing a little bit each day focusing first on the gifts that needed to be shipped away? Just in case you haven’t purchased your wrapping paper yet, and if you’re not feeling particularly crafty and have the energy to […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Green Gifts

December 14, 2010 by  
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Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Are you like me trying to complete most of it via the internet? If so, here are a few of “green” gift sites that I’ve been browsing through. The first is: Nubius Organics sells eco-Friendly and reusable lunch bags, water bottles and children’s toys. They also have green […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Green Share

December 7, 2010 by  
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This week’s green tip is really more of a green share. I came across this blog called “Your Green Helper” and I just think it’s wonderful! It’s what blogging is about really – SHARING. The site shares so much information including organic coupons, green cleaning tips, household “greening” tips, environmental tips of the day and […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Green Style

November 30, 2010 by  
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Have you heard of this site??? Are you a “green” fashionista?? If so, you gotta check this out: First of all is FREE! Here’s what the site says: “ is a friendly thriving community of eco conscious, clothing loving, money saving women from all over the world who are making new friends and swapping […]

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