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Emerald Eco Friendly Products

So, you know my eco-goals each year include lessening waste – including the waste of paper products. We’ve done away with paper napkins at our house and also use paper towels minimally – we have quite a stash of good rags ready at all times to help with clean-ups, spills, etc. We haven’t gotten away […]

Green Tip Tuesday – Chlorine Remover

Green Tip Tuesday is back!! It’s been far too long, but now with summer winding down a bit, I can get back into my routine (which is, in fact, usually anything but routine!) Might have been better to share this tip at the beginning of summer, but “better late than never”I always say. If you’re […]

Product Review – Rodan + Fields

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Aaahhh the skin! If you’ve never had skin issues of any sort, well then I am so very envious of you! I’ve never had major skin issues, though I definitely have noticed more acne – yes, acne in my 40s than I have at any other time in my life. Could this be hormones? Who […]

More CHIA Love!

Just as I was getting ready to write about this DELICIOUS Chia/Vie drink I tried, I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, Leslie over at Crunchy Betty has a post up about using Chia on your FACE! You know I’ve already written about how much I LOVE Chia – not to mention all the […]

Eco-Tip: The Coco Bidet

(please read this post with a sense of humor) So, paper napkins are a thing of the past in our house. Paper towels – minimalized – as in we still have plenty left on the first roll I opened at the beginning of the year. We tend to use rags now to wipe our counters […]

Let’s talk Vodka!!

Ahhh vodka, it seems you’re not just for happy hour anymore. (truly, I can’t even remember the last time I even went to a happy hour – I simply have them at home now – getting old I guess!) My interest in these using vodka tips started with a quick article I read in Health magazine and, […]

Monday – Green Update

Every Monday I’m trying to post the latest “green” information I’ve found along with a tasty vegan recipe – remember it’s Monday so go Meatless!! Monday Recipe Here’s a tasty recipe from If you don’t know about, you should really check this site out. It’s one of my go-to sites for vegan and […]

More Green, Vegan and Eco ideas for Everyone!

WOW, I’ve been reading about so many new and exciting Green, Vegan and Eco-friendly items lately that it’s just simply about time I do another share page. Before I forget, it’s Monday, so go Meatless!! If you need an idea for dinner tonight, here’s a quick recipe: Mexican Casserole Vegan Ingredients: 1 lb rotini pasta […]

On the Radio with Bella Petite and Nia

I’m so EXCITED! This Tuesday morning at 10 AM, I’m going to be on the radio with Nia and Ann Lauren for the Bella Petite hour which is broadcast on America’s Web Radio. Click Here to listen live or to download and listen after the episode airs. For more information on Anne Lauren (editor in […]

Savings Sites of the Week

I’m back with more websites to help you save. To see a complete list of what I’ve posted in the past check out my Stuff-to-Share page. I’d like to feature this site this week because not only do they provide valuable coupons, but they also pass along 60 percent of the profit they earn to […]

Spring Giveaway Fun from Tip Junkie

I just came across this great site and wanted to make sure to share it with you. They’re having a giveaway every hour on all 4 of their blogs on April 13th from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm (CST). Which will total over $6,000 worth of products given away in one day! Click the link […]

Homemade Hair Care

Just saw this online and wanted to share. I share the link at the bottom of the post if you’d like to read more…enjoy! Basic Shampoo This is a great basic shampoo for all hair types. If you hair is oily, omit the optional vegetable oil, but if your hair is dry or damaged, you […]

Comparison Shopping

March 30, 2010 by  
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In addition to being green and earth-friendly, I’m also very much into saving money through any sort of coupons or deals. There’s always some sort of deal you can find on everything these days if you have a little patience. We all know that even if we see something full price in a store, if […]

Magazines and Eco-Friendly Beauty

I have a magazine addiction…..seriously. I know that sounds terribly eco-unfriendly. Truly, though, I share my magazines and pass them on to my daughters and friends. I would say I never recycle a magazine that hasn’t been read by at least 2 other people. You may ask, where do they all come from? Well, by […]

Let them Eat CAKE!

In the supposed words of Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” (actually, she never uttered the words even though they’re attributed to her), I say enjoy your meatless Monday by consuming vegan desserts – all day if possible. And since there’s no actual claims as to who made this statement, I declare: “Let them eat […]

Friday Fun

Ok, I’m at work, so really how much fun is being had….Well, as I don’t believe anyone I work with (who would care) is reading my blog, I’ll admit this: it can be lots of fun!! Especially today – I have time to catch up on all my favorite blogs, play with some of my […]

Animal Product Substitutes for Vegans

I just sent in my latest post to my friend Nia’s Elements of Life site. Since it’s not quite time to be focusing on my garden yet, though I’m anxiously awaiting the moment I can be outside working the soil, I wrote about being vegan. Here’s some of the information I shared including substitutes I’ve […]

Fun Items of the Week

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Here’s a few of the fun discoveries I’ve made this week. They seem to be all food related – what’s that say about my hormonal level during the past few days? – a farmers market on the web. This is an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate […]

Meatless Mondays

I always see so much information out there on being green, gardening, health, etc. either through magazines or websites that I’d like to share. I’ll also start a sharing page on this site – to try to keep it all organized and together. Today, I saw this online and wanted to share: Meatless Mondays: Small […]

Green Coupons

Yes, there is such a thing. Did you even know? Of course, I live in the Silicon Valley, so anything techie like this probably exists here. We’re lucky that way.I also think it is such a fabulous idea – for who doesn’t have a cell phone or laptop with them nowadays? If you’re like me, […]

To Vegan or Not to Vegan

I’m certainly not the healthiest person you’ve ever known. But, after being a vegetarian for most of my life (I’ll admit to taking a few years off to cook meaty meals for my daughters and my husband, Pops), I’ve chosen to go Vegan. Now, I try not to be hardcore to the point of alienating […]

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