Sunday, February 14, 2016

Beloved Free Baba Jimi in Cannes

The last 2 days, I’ve seen opulence I barely knew existed. Each afternoon, as we were picked up by our yacht tender, which takes us out to our yacht worth $7 million with a maintenance budget of $700,000 yearly, I saw much bigger yachts worth a lot more. Some of the owners were paying $50,000 […]

From Beloved free baba jimi in Milano

Approximately 20 years ago Sam and I had traveled to S. Africa on a surfing trip there. S. Africans use a term called a “joll” which is short for a jolly good time. It’s a term they use on road trips to say all the normal rules don’t apply just relax, let it flow and […]

Morning Mantra

April 7, 2010 by  
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Early morning, Pops is out of town for a week of surfing fun. Bubba, Lucy and I are up early enjoying the quiet. The birds have started their morning song. I have the coffee maker heating up and the sun is just beginning to peak through the trees. Aaaahhh the first breath of a new […]

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