Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cannes Photos

I finally got a pretty good group of photos up for all of you who have been waiting. I wasn’t sure what was the best way to display them and of course my mac proved to have the answer for me. Click here to be taken to the main gallery page from which you can […]

Cannes Re-Hash

I actually am not completely recovered yet from the trip and all the days traveling. In case you’ve had trouble finding out how our trip went, here are some links to re-hash what I’ve posted so far. I have many, many more photos to post and tons of stories to share as soon as I […]

Cannes Day 6

We thought yesterday was going to be a “museum” day in Nice as it was raining in the morning. We all headed to the train station, bought our tickets and proceeded to tour a castle and gardens near the station while we waited for our train. The garden was amazing and as we roamed through […]

Cannes Day 5

Yesterday was a more “normal” vacation day – as normal as you can be on the French Riviera. Sam and Nia had midday business in Cannes and then a cocktail party to go to. The rest of us decided we were ready to see more of this beautiful area instead of heading back into Cannes. […]

Cannes – Day 4

Today was our first semi-relaxing day. It was so nice as we’re all pretty exhausted. Sam and Nia had to go In to town this afternoon to do a couple of hours of press. We met them there when they were finished so we could walk around and visit the castle. Unfortunately, the castle and […]

Cannes – Day 3

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Am I dreaming? If I am, don’t wake me. Yesterday, we headed to the yacht for lunch and a relaxing afternoon. The yacht is owned by the man who financed Sam’s movie, Bill Price. Bill couldn’t be here because his wife is about to have a baby, so he sent his yacht for us to […]

Beloved Free Baba Jimi in Cannes

The last 2 days, I’ve seen opulence I barely knew existed. Each afternoon, as we were picked up by our yacht tender, which takes us out to our yacht worth $7 million with a maintenance budget of $700,000 yearly, I saw much bigger yachts worth a lot more. Some of the owners were paying $50,000 […]

Cannes Day 2 – The Red Carpet

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Walking the red carpet at Cannes is ……exactly as you’d expect it to be…..crazy, exhilarating, mind-boggling and awing. There’s so much action going on as you’re “staged” which is fortunate for me because I simply didn’t have the time to get overwhelmed and to tear-up with emotion (which is typical for me). The only nervousness […]

Cannes – Day 1

May 15, 2010 by  
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Yahoo!! We made it, we’ve rested, showered, eaten great food, hiked, chatted, dressed and it’s only day one! Tonight is the BIG night! AND we get to walk the red carpet with Sam and Nia at the premier! It’s so exciting! Unfortunately we aren’t allowed cameras, phones, or any other gadgets while walking – so […]

Cannes Film Festival

Um, yep, we’re going – me and Pops…. HOW, you say? Well, let me explain…. See, one of my husband’s absolutely best friends in the whole wide world is Sam George (go ahead Google him, you’ll get lots of info that way) and well, Sam wrote this documentary called “Hollywood Don’t Surf” that just happened […]

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