Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy New Year!!

WOW 2016 is here!!! It seems like forever since I’ve gotten on this blog – sorry about that! I hope all of you are following along on Facebook, Instagram and now Snapchat (litasworldjen) as I definitely¬†post there much more often. There’s just never enough time!! Ugh…okay, New Year’s Resolution #1 – stop saying “I don’t […]

Mr & Mrs Llaneza

I had the great pleasure of taking photographs for my lovely friends Jeff & Leilani’s wedding on Maui August 5, 2014. No, I am not a wedding photographer, but she had faith in me and I just couldn’t resist – especially since I knew the day would be gorgeous…well, because as you can see, Jeff […]

Maui Fun

August 4, 2014 by  
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So, the Maui fun continues!! I’m so happy we came a few days before the wedding so I would have a little time to relax and have fun before the “photographer” pressure begins. Here’s how our days are going so far: Wake up, have a cup of tea and head out on the “morning walk” […]

Returning to Maui

Ahhh, Maui! We’re back…after visiting together 20 years ago! We came here the first summer I met Pops. Back then, he was still teaching so we mainly traveled in the summertime and that first summer I made my first ever trip to Hawaii – visiting Oahu and¬†Maui with him. That first trip, 20 years ago, […]

Plane Food Plan

March 1, 2011 by  
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Yes, we flew to Hawaii today..phew we made it even after all my guilty-feelings and preparations. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. I’ll admit it takes me a bit to get motivated to go somewhere, but I’m NEVER sorry once I get there. I can tell this trip will be no different! Since it’s […]

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