Yes, it's just a partial stack....geesh!

I have a magazine addiction…..seriously. I know that sounds terribly eco-unfriendly. Truly, though, I share my magazines and pass them on to my daughters and friends. I would say I never recycle a magazine that hasn’t been read by at least 2 other people. You may ask, where do they all come from? Well, by having my own business I get lots of deals on subscriptions. Incredible deals actually. There are also numerous, adorable children in my life who, every year, have magazine fundraisers at their schools. I’m definitely the person to come to if you want someone to support anything school related – and as these fundraisers just happen to feed my already overabundant addiction the stacks grow and grow.

On the very positive side of this addiction, is the fact that, I actually learn a lot from reading them. I think this month every magazine I’ve opened has had a “green” section in it. Not just the ones I expect to be “green” and eco-friendly like Organic Gardening, Vegetarian Times, Hobby Home Farm, Mary Janes Farm, etc. but also the fashion magazines like Town and Country, Harpers Bazaar and Oprah. (and no, that is not a complete list of the stack of magazines sitting by my desk at the moment).

That being said, I will try to post at least once a month on the tips I learn from reading these magazines, thus saving the portion of the world I don’t pass my magazines along to from purchasing them. This idea may not be a big hit with the publishing corporations, but it could benefit the planet, so I’ll give it a go. I probably won’t post these tips until the magazine has been on the stands for at least a few weeks (as it can take me that long to get through them), so possibly that will make the publishers a bit happier. (I am assuming someone other than my closest friends and my mom will be reading this blog – is that conceited?) Plus, I’m only likely to post green tips that interest me, so to read about your Soul Mate, the newest craze for dropping 10 pounds in a week or the Latest Spring Fashions, you’ll actually have to purchase the magazine – or stop by and take my copy.

I will start here with a few tips from Town and Country magazine April edition. One of my most favorite Green Gals, Alicia Silverstone, shares some tips on green cosmetics and beauty supplies. In fact, she has come out with her own line of makeup brushes called EcoTools that you can purchase at my all-time favorite place to buy items She also recommends products from Tammy Fender and Suki. I, myself, love everything Aveda and I’m happy to report she likes some of their products too. I just love the scents and, fortunately, I’m not sensitive to their products for having them. For mascara, she recommends La Bella Donna’s mineral mascara (guess I didn’t mention I’m kinda addicted to mascara too – help! I think I need to go to meetings!)

For one-stop-shopping on eco-friendly beauty products, I recently check out the site called Saffron Rouge. It’s an amazing site that takes all the guess-work out of finding safe, organic products – they certify the products have zero Black List ingredients too.

Thanks for bearing with me on my first addiction admission post in this blog…I hope this won’t scare you off as I’m sure I’ll be sharing more and more as time goes by. I apologize to the men as this wasn’t a very “guy-friendly” post. If you’re feeling edgy and want to get in on the “green” check out the 30 Days of Green challenge being put on by ebay right now….but watch out ebay can be addicting too (as I know) so you could be joining me at the meetings!

Be Blessed!


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  1. Love that photo! Oh how I share your pain with the magazines. I’m trying, really in an effort to save money, to go to a bookstore and read my some of my faves there. BUT…there is nothing like the sweetness of opening your mailbox and finding the latest issue of your fave mag in the mailbox. Ahhh…pure magazine love! :)

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