My little Grandson, Hunter is turning 5 this week. It’s truly unbelievable that we’ve been blessed with him for 5 years already! I know this is cliche, but how time flies!!


Hunter is a huge fan of Taylor Swift. He has been for a while now. When tickets for her “Fearless” concert went on sale last year, we couldn’t resist getting some for the show – especially as the concert was on his birthday week. Last night was the night! It was so precious to see him so excited for his first concert.

Libby & Hunter ready for the show to begin!

(**warning the rest of this post will be filled with many, many Taylor Swift concert photos**)

The arena was packed with tons of young people and their parents. Such great energy to absorb!

Even from our seats upstairs, Taylor still looks super tall!

Here’s Hunter practicing making his “heart” – a perfect symbol for the evening.

Hunter hearts Taylor!

She’s so pretty….and so young…..

and so talented….

and so sweet….

and has the cutest clothes…

and I really, really want these boots!

can you tell how super cute they are?

and her hair looks so long, and soft and healthy…

not to mention her skin…..aaaahhh yes, I’m feeling old and a bit jealous!

Robert got Hunter a light stick before the show started – perfect treat for him. The light stick was swinging away during most of the show!

Hunter, Robert and "the light stick" Doesn't Robert look excited?
The set for "Love Story" Hunter's favorite song

The evening was all about:

you (Hunter!)

After the show, Hunter got his concert t-shirt. He chose one with Taylor’s face on it and said he wanted to sleep in it.

When we were in the car, Libby saw him kiss the shirt and say “I Love you, Taylor”

And that is one of those moments we want to remember forever! The pure joy of our sweet little guy!

Lita loves you little guy…my chunka chunka xoxoxoxoxo