Litas World on the Bella Petite show!


This Tuesday morning at 10 AM, I’m going to be on the radio with Nia and Ann Lauren for the Bella Petite hour which is broadcast on America’s Web Radio.

Click Here to listen live or to download and listen after the episode airs.

For more information on Anne Lauren (editor in chief of Bella Petite) and to find out about her mission and accomplishments visit the Bella Petite site by clicking here. She has been featured in over 500 newspapers, radio, and television interviews nationwide, and is considered the foremost expert in petite fashion, modeling and attitudes.

My good friend, Nia, has been working with Anne as the leading writer and expert of Bella Petite’s lifestyle section.  She writes weekly features on her personal experiences, sharing her lifestyle  insights and teaching women how to live a life of perfection. Click here to read more about Nia’s role with Bella Petite.

Have your checked out Nia’s Elements of Life site yet? If not, what are you waiting for?!?!? Nia shares health and wellness tips and the knowledge she has gained in her 20 plus years as a celebrity and a devoted mother. There’s something for every woman on this site and most of all you will find support and understanding. Every month she posts a new seminar. So far Family, Health and Fitness, and Beauty and Style are among the topics covered. It’s an amazing site and as I personally know, she’s an amazing woman. You won’t be disappointed.

On a side note, I also submit information to Nia’s Elements of Life site as a Growing Green participant. I share some of the eco-friendly, going green tips I’ve learned about and use in my household and in my garden. I’d love your input and feedback so, I hope you’ll join us!


2 Comments on On the Radio with Bella Petite and Nia

  1. I just listen to your radio interview w/Nia. AWESOME JENNA GIRL!!!!! Why your friends with me is a WONDER???? Your views on Vegan & Going Green is so another world to me. It’s like you’re at the other end of the beautiful rainbow & I’m trying to cut down trees to get to the rainbow path…going up hill. Am I making sense…NOT! Anyways, I’m so proud, happy & a AAAWWW over your radio debut!!!!!

    • Jeanette…. a million thanks!!! you’re part of it all by being such a great friend to me!! I’ll transform you bit by bit even for just one day a week – though you’re absolutely beautiful and a super mom just the way you are!

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