The excitement builds!

My life is currently filled to the brim with activity!! Most of the brew-ha-ha pertains to our upcoming trip to Cannes. Besides all the normal pre-trip planning activity (stop mail-check, stop paper-check, get pedicure, make packing list, find pet-sitter-check, stock up on pet food-check, set garden watering timers-check) there’s a ton of stuff to do for the trip.

Ok, well, maybe not a ton, but it feels that way since our departure is coming up so quickly. The luggage has been brought in, the transfer to the train station in Milan is figured out, the tickets for Eurorail are purchased and have arrived via UPS and the clothing to pack is laid out in the guest room.

The CLOTHING!! Oh my gosh, Pops and I have been consumed with our outfit selections. Trust me when I say this, I’m not against nice outfits, but I usually stick to the very basic things in life. I spend more time in my garden or studio and playing on my gadgets than I ever do picking out and putting together outfits to wear. I have my staple favorites and I usually wear them over and over again until they either fall apart or I’m just truly sick of them. This trip is a whole new ballgame.

Initially, I had told Pops that I wanted to take a small bag on this trip and pack lightly…he gawked at me like I was possessed by aliens.

“Nope” he said, “you have to seriously PACK for this trip”.

“UGH!”, I replied, “why?”

Well, apparently, we might actually get to tag along with Sam and Nia for some pretty fun events. AND, apparently, the people, places and theatres in Cannes are very particular on dress code and what is acceptable. We even heard that Nicolas Gage wore a tux with cowboy boots and, because of the boots, wasn’t allowed into a movie premier there. UGH!

I have truly had some restless and sleepless nights in the past week contemplating my outfits. This sounds so trivial, I know, but it’s what is so for me at the moment and I’ll seek therapy later for the issues I may be creating for myself.

The first major issue I had is that I needed a gown. A floor-length, black-tie kinda gown. I truly did not want to spend a lot of money on a dress I may wear once and never again (my wedding dress has filled that role in my life). My good friend, Kathy, who is also an amazing stylist, went shopping with me for the gown. I completely trust her and her vision and styling abilities. We owned a boutique together once (another story for another time) and needless to say, I was the “paperwork” person and she was the “stylish clothing” purchaser.

I know having her with me, aside from calming my nerves immensely, was also the good luck that helped us find the “ultimate” dress for me. Pops was all worried that I’d spend something like $500 on a gown (not sure where he got that number from), but I had assured him that unless the dress had the world “Apple” or “Nikon” on it, I would never spend that much on a piece of clothing. We found this dress and shawl:

Looks much better on, I assure you.

all for the amazing price of $63 on the sale rack at Macy’s. Big cheer for the sale rack at Macy’s!!!! It doesn’t even need shortening – have I mentioned I’m not quite 5′-3″? I am so very excited about this dress and cannot wait to wear it (something you won’t hear me say too often).

Phew! that issue is taken care of.

I’m fortunate to have a pretty standard (and comfortable) list of clothing on the rest of my packing list. I’m basically bringing black and white capris, tunics, and simple evening dresses….along with my typical yoga pants and t-shirts for working out and hiking around. Okay, these are quick photos I took and, no, I didn’t iron the pieces before because, well, they’re heading into a suitcase anyways.

One set of tunics - imagine with capris and sandals.
Second set of tunics.
Fun dresses.

Traveling with someone as beautiful and stylish as Nia means I truly don’t have to worry too much about being looked at, so my focus daily will be dressing comfortably and as stylishly as I can and hopefully with a little fun.

I basically have a simple stash of black shoes to bring with me along with my running shoes. The “piece de resistance” (practicing my French there) of the shoe selection though, are these:

I LOVE these!

Pops and I saw these at Nordstrom Rack…well, I saw them while he was looking at shoes for himself, but he readily agreed that I needed to have them. I love them!!! I will wear them as often as I can in Cannes and I will also hope that they won’t kill my feet. I hardly ever wear flat shoes (again ’cause I’m short and probably all those years of ballet and how flat shoes now hurt my arches), but these are a little higher than my normal daily wear. BUT we WILL be on the Riviera and I’m going to just go for it.

The biggest issue I have right now is pajamas. Again, it sounds silly, but I usually wear t-shirts and sweatpants to bed – not very exciting I know. I should possibly consider wearing actual pretty pajamas in France….just because.

Any thoughts?

….more Cannes preparation info to come…..


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  1. Love the dress. I can’t believe you are actually stressing over what to wear. The gown is gorgeous can’t wait to see you in it

  2. Anyone that can pull off tap dancing in their wedding dress will do absolutely fabulous in Cannes. I’m so excited for you!

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