I think most of my posts are kinda “girlie”, but this one should appeal to a broader audience.

What’s my favorite sport to watch?

It was just a random thought that popped into my head – prompted by my recent trip to New England (as you will see in a future post).

It’s a different question than “what sport do you like to play?” as a lack of ability can make playing sports no fun at all. I’ve been contemplating this question recently especially since World Cup Soccer and the Tour de France have dominated my viewing schedule so far this summer.

Honestly, if asked, I wouldn’t say that Pops and I are sports watching people. Although, recently, I did notice that many evenings we seem to have some sort of game on the television even if it’s just on in the background while we’re both reading or flipping through magazines. Between hockey, football, baseball, soccer and cycling something always seems to be on. So, saying we’re not sports watching people would, therefore, be an incorrect statement.

Initially, I might have chosen cycling as my favorite sport to watch. The Tour de France is always a big event in our house. We were watching it even before Pops had the chance to go along and follow the tour a few years ago. He went with our friend Toshi who was working for Giro helmets which was, at the time, Lance Armstrong’s helmet sponsor. Because of Toshi’s connection, the boys really got specially treatment and inside views of the whole show.

Pics from Pop's Tour de France Trip

The Tour of California is also quite popular around here. The route usually comes somewhere close to where we live. Unfortunately, each year, after making a lot of effort to go out and watch the race, I realize that in mere seconds, the bicyclists have sped past me….and the watching is over. (Though a few years ago, Pops was smart enough to find a place on the course where the news cameras were located so he could watch the evening news that night and replay – a million times I might add – images of himself jumping up and down in the background as the racers passed by.)

There is also something to be said for going to cycling races if you can get into the VIP tent (as Pop’s always seems to be able to). Being able to snack on all the goodies there can be a real treat. I also like walking through the expo and checking out the vendor booths.

Pops at the Tour of California

I like watching cycling races – but upon contemplation, I must say, only on television.

Then, what is my favorite sport to watch in person?

Well, I’ve now declared, that I like watching in person and on television BASEBALL.

Coming from generations of New Englanders, of course my favorite team is the Boston Red Sox (it’s in the genes). I am also a fan of the San Francisco Giants now after living most of my life here in Northern California.

Some people may like the roughness of football or the speed of soccer more, but I, personally, like the skill and preciseness of baseball.

Summertime Fun in Cape Cod

As you can see, I’ve given the topic “What Sport I like to Watch” lots of thought. I have a future post about the Cape Cod Baseball League game we went to while visiting New England. The league has quite an interesting history – stay tuned.

Now that you know my favorite sport to watch, I’d like to hear what yours is?



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  1. I’m not really a “sport person” and I rather be playing than watching. If I have to watch it, I’ll go for the girly options. Figure skating and gymnastics :P Guess they’re more athletics than sport but hey :P

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