End Junk MailJunk Mail!! AARRRGGHHH!! Everyday my mailbox seems to have some in it even though I do what I can to make it stop. I think all it takes is a little diligence – and I possibly need to add some more.

If you Google search “end junk mail” you can read all the statistics about how our environment is affected by the production (through the destruction of trees, eco-systems, etc.) of all this mail!

Does anyone like junk mail? I suppose someone must as it is everywhere!

If you’re like me, and you’d like to save some trees and end the daily event of recycling so much wasted paper, try these options:

  • DirectMail.com – remove your name from commercial mailing lists.
  • OptOutPrescreen.com – avoid pre-approved and insurance offers.
  • YellowPagesGoesGreen.org – eliminate unwanted phone book mailings.
  • dmachoice.org – Direct Marketing service – pick and choose the kind of mailings you would like to receive.
  • 41pounds.org and tonic.com – Register with these 2 major junk mail service organizations. Both companies will help you and the environment by doing things like planting trees to help offset the environmental impact of junk mail.
  • Catalog Choice.com – reduce waste and choose the brands you want to hear from.

Let me know if you have tried any other services.



2 Comments on Green Tip Tuesday – End Junk Mail

  1. i’ve already done a few of these for myself (at one point i was getting THREE pottery barn catalogues at a time– don’t they cross check?!) but i’m also going to do this for my boss! he gets such a flood of junk mail every day, it’s horrible. thanks for the tips!

  2. Thank you for this post. I am doing many of these on this list. :) We get like 6 phone books a year and it drives me crazy.

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