My youngest step-daughter Mimi is going to be writing occasional guest posts on this blog. Here is her second post:

Mimi's Musings

I know that in my introduction blog post I said that my posts would mostly consist of my thoughts on pop culture. I initially intended for this post to be about a list of the 100 Greatest Artists of all time that was compiled by Vh1, but I lately have found my thoughts are headed in a much different direction.

Recently, there has been much discussion over the issue of bullying in schools and online leading to teenagers committing suicide. I know that it may be an inappropriate subject to blog about, but it is a subject that touches me deeply. I don’t have any illusions about this post offering anything new or enlightening to a much needed discussion about preventing bullying and suicide, the only thing I can offer is my own thoughts on the matter based on personal experience.

I know what it feels like to be picked on for no reason, to be tormented and harassed for being just a little bit different. I know those horrible feelings of losing any sense of worth or any hope that things may get better. Those feelings that build and build until suicide seems like the only way out – that it would be better to end everything rather than to have to live with the pain for one more moment. No matter how loving your family or your friends are, when people tell you that you are worth nothing day after day, it becomes almost impossible to not believe it. You end up feeling isolated and ashamed, thinking that there is nobody who could possibly understand how awful you feel. I wish more than anything I could tell those young people who have taken or have thought about taking their lives that they aren’t alone. I used to be one of those kids. I understand what they are going through because I went through the same thing myself.

I was lucky enough that my family recognized what was going on and got me the help I needed before it was too late. I look back at everything that I went through then, and I am so very thankful to be alive. I think of all the things I would have missed, all the wonderful friends I have made and the adventures I have and I am grateful to be able to have seen it. It wasn’t easy, it took time, and there were some setbacks in my case but in the end I am glad that I failed. It breaks my heart when I realize that these other kids won’t get the help that I got. I pray for the families and friends of those who took their own lives, I hope they realize it wasn’t their fault. I can’t begin to imagine the suffering they are experiencing. I hope someday I can use my experiences to reach out and help others.

As for the bullies themselves, I hope they recognize the consequences of their actions. I hope and pray that they understand what they have done and how much pain they have caused with their senseless cruelty. To be honest, I am glad they are being prosecuted for their actions. It is time that we recognize that such sustained harassment and abuse is not okay. Verbal and psychological abuse can cause just as much damage as any physical act. I hope that rather then talking about this in the media for a few weeks, and then letting it fade away, we can take sustained action to prevent these kinds of things from happening. Nobody deserves the kind of pain and torment these teens went through and, if nothing else, we owe it to them to do what we can to stop these bullies in their tracks and prevent these suicides from taking place.

If my story has any meaning or sense it is this: The hurt and pain don’t last forever, it can get better. You aren’t alone and you don’t have to suffer, if you hold on, you can see that there is so much to live for even if takes a long time to see that.

I know that this is a strange way to begin Mimi’s Musings. It wasn’t my intention to get this serious or to reveal this much about myself, but I have to get this out before I can move on. This issue touches me too deeply to ignore. I promise to keep it much lighter next time,

~ Mimi


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  1. Mimi – God doesn’t make mistakes. You were created to be exactly who you are. The suffering you have experienced, makes you the wise, compassionate person you are today. Your work has just begun.
    I Love you,

  2. Mimi,
    You have such a gentle way about you and your writing is amazing. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.
    Love you,

  3. Mimi
    Thank you for sharing your story – what a powerful and meaningful message you have given all of us, and it was very well written. I just watched a video on AOL on just this topic, which showed many kids who lost their lives to bullying – I am so glad you weren’t one of them. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!
    God Bless, Anne

  4. What an awesome and timely first post to Lita’s World from an up-and-coming young person! I think one of the most important points that you highlighted was the fact that verbal abuse is just as harmful as physical abuse. There is a very interesting study by a Japanese scientist who conducted experiments by placing words on cups of water and freezing them. The cups with kind words developed beautiful crystal formation while those that had abusive words created ugly malformed ones. Keeping in mind that our bodies our made up of mainly water makes one imagine what verbal abuse does physically & psychologically inside. Great job Mimi! Loved your voice and message…

  5. A big thank you to everyone who commented, I really appreciated that you took the time to read it. The kind words are very much appreciated. I really wanted to to keep things light, but something like this hits so close to home that I couldn’t not talk about it. Honestly though I was very lucky that I had a wonderful support system, I wouldn”t have been here to write this without my family. God has blessed me with an amazing family and good life. Every good thing that I have had or that I have been able to do is a result of the lord working in my life. I’m fairly certain my next post is going to be something completely different, or at least much less serious.

  6. Very powerful topic Mimi. Thank you for sharing your story.
    You are a great writer and I look forward to more of your musings.

  7. Thanks Mimi…for being brave enough to share your own experience. I think it helps others to know that other people have survived bullying, low self esteem, and dark thoughts…it is an issue that touches us at any age, not just when we are teens, and it is such a great message of hope that life is beautiful and will continue..

  8. I am so proud that you were able to write about this dark time in your life. You have become a wonderful young lady. You have so much to give the world. You are much loved and we (your family) are so lucky to know you. I am looking forward to sharing in your successes in your life. Love, Grandma Jan

  9. Hi Mimi, love your posting. When I go to the hospital for school, there is an article posted on the wall about the girl that tried to hang herself in the bathroom at her high school. It breaks my heart every time I see it. I too was bullied at school in high school and for what reason?… who knows! Kids can be so evil! I hated it and I hope that my daughter doesn’t have to go through the same thing that I went to. Keep up the good blogs! This is a real issue and does need to be brought up continuously.

  10. Thank you Mimi for being a voice and drawing attention to a subject that deserves to be talked about and brought to light. I look forward to hearing more of your “musings”.

    Lots of love.

  11. Mimi, thanks for sharing your feelings on this topic. I’m so proud of you that found your way out of your darkest days and turned a negitive into positive (sunshine). I know your article can and will help someone see the light too!

    Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,

  12. Mimi, I love you dearly!! I can’t even conceive of a life without you! Thank you for becoming the beautiful woman you have become and for having the strength to share your experiences in the hopes of helping others. You have more strength than I can ever imagine having. Lots and lots of love ~Lita (aka Jen)

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