Christmas Wreath Bow

Little known fact about Lita:

I LOVE to make wreaths!!!

Especially HOLIDAY wreaths! The first year I ever decided to make some, I made 85 of them. I hung them all over the outside of our garage and posted a “Wreaths for Sale” sign at the end of our driveway.

I sold ALL of them!

It was amazing and so inspiring! That was some years ago.

I haven’t ever topped, or even come close, to making as many wreaths to sell in one holiday season. Let’s just say the numbers have dwindled from year to year especially as most everyone I know has one of my wreaths and they tend to pull them out over and over again.

This year, I wasn’t actually going to make any – the holidays just kinda snuck up on me in that way. Then, my daughter Libby asked me if I’d like to make 6 of them for her office.

There’s just something so fun about getting a request to do something that you LOVE to do. She had a budget, which was good as I can tend to get very carried away at Michael’s, and I had a coupon! She requested the colors red and gold and I decided, due to the budget, to keep them quite simple and classic for the office environment she works in.

I ended up making 2 very large wreaths and 4 medium size wreaths for her to hang from the glass cubicle walls in her office. Here’s a couple of shots to show you what they looked like:

large decorated Christmas wreath

small decorated Christmas wreath

I wish I had some better photos – the second one is blending in a lot with the background. Her office is very big on security, so I didn’t attempt to take any photos of them there. Let’s just say the fabric used on the chairs and carpeting in her office is also red and gold so the wreaths really brought a lot of holiday “flair” into the place.

One of the best things that happened making these wreaths was that it got me out into my studio. Now my creative juices are flowing and, I feel so inspired. I’m hoping to keep this inspiration going and share more creations soon!

Today, I spent some time visiting some of my favorite artist, designers and crafters sites. There are so many talented people out there that can often provide all the inspiration I need to just “make” something.

Here are a couple of my favorite sites to visit for inspiration:

  • Indobay, Inc. – Tania creates handprinted, modern, textiles and goods. They’re all simply so very lovely!!
  • Kelly Rae Roberts – a purely inspiring artist (and new mom) who just shares it all – I LOVE her!!!
  • Where Women Create – this site always has a ton of inspiring artists showing their work, ideas, inspirations and of course their studios.
  • The Lettered Cottage – Kevin and Layla have wonderful photos on their site showing super inspiring home decorating ideas and projects – WOW I wish they lived next door to me to help me with some my home projects!!
  • Mimi Marie Designs – a graphic designer who’s site is just overflowing with ideas, inspiration, giveaways and printable party decoration ideas!

For more sites I love, click the buttons on the lower, right-hand menu of my blog.

Please share any you visit – I’ll take all the inspiration I can get!!

Happy Saturday everyone!
~ Lita

P.S. I received no compensation for sharing the sites I love above, just sharing – it’s what I do! xoxo Lita