We had a simply gorgeous day here in Northern California.

After Pops and I took our baby Bubbaloo for his morning walk, I spent some much needed time working in the yard.

When I say “much needed”, I don’t mean that the yard necessarily needed work but more that I needed the time out there. It felt so good to be out in the sun getting my hands dirty!

I cleared a nice, healthy space near my rose garden. It’s approximately 4 feet by 12 feet and it’s where I would like to begin planning my 2011 vegetable garden.

Tonight, as I started gathering together my seed catalogs,

seed catalogs

I came across these photos of the first eggplant I picked from my garden last year.


Isn’t she just a beauty?!

I’m using this photo to motivate me to continue digging and clearing out space in the yard so I can grow many, many delicious organic veggies this year too!

I’ll keep you posted on my vegetable planning progress.

Are you planting veggies this year? Is it too early to think about yet? Am I being over-zealous because we’ve had a couple of warm days?

Possibly…but oh that sun felt sooooo good today!

my motivater

Happy Saturday,
~ Lita


4 comments on “Summer (Garden) Dreamin’”

    • what about a potted garden? I’m with you on the yard work though..it’s messy, dirty and can leave me with sore hands and muscles. I try to get all the tough work done all at once, so then it’s just a little weeding and watering – and then picking and EATING! :)

  1. i want to plant, not sure when I will find the time. What is the general time of year that people plant?
    Also what is easy, tomatoes for sure but what else? I’m open to suggestions. :)

    • Hi Shannon…I’m working on a schedule (and crop rotation) and diagram. I’ll put it up soon…no worries yet, it’s still a bit too early to plant the “summer” delights here. You can put in a mixed crop of lettuce now though :)

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