It’s true, last week was pretty blah for me, but, today…

I found the cure.

Westly, Pops & Hunter at the Park

It’s these 3 guys…Westly, Pops & Hunter.

Pops loves to take these two monkeys to the park on Saturday mornings.

I felt like today, Bubba & I had to show up unexpectedly and invade their “boy” time to join in some fun.

I’ll tell you, just getting hugs from my two angel Grandsons alone cured me of whatever mood I was stuck in.

You simply cannot hold onto the blahs, when this little sweetheart runs up to you, cheering “Lita” to give you a big hug and smooch greeting.

Westly on slide

Westly on slide

It’s just impossible!

Or when Mr. Handsome decides to do his SpiderMan Super Hero pose for your photo taking pleasure – you simply can feel nothing but joy in your heart.

Hunter's super hero pose

We are lucky enough to have a pretty amazing park in our town. Complete with train and carousel rides.

Westly on carousel

Hunter on Carousel

It didn’t hurt that the weather was absolutely gorgeous today, too.

Pops & Westly heading for the train

So, if you ever need help getting out of the blahs, find 3 super handsome guys like these, and

Hunter, Pops & Westly posing on the bridge

Let them fill your heart with laughter and love.

Boys on the train

It works, I guarantee it.
~ Dr. Lita


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    • Thanks!! I was just looking at the photos again too…it’s a blah day here…rainy and cold…but we need the rain..or so I keep reminding myself!! happy Friday!!

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