So, maybe you already knew about this…it’s possible I’m the last one to realize this little trick. I can definitely be a geek that way.

Did you know that you can keep your green onions growing after you bring them home from the store?

My friend Kathy told me her mom does this, so I thought I’d give it a try.

First I cut the green tops off of the onions – putting the greens back into the refrigerator for future use.

green onions
You can probably cut them even further down.

And, then you can put the rooted pieces in water or even plant them in the garden and they’ll continue to grow.

I had actually put some in water a week ago.


cut green onions growing
See the ones in the bowl, see how more green shoots are growing.

You can actually tell where I cut the last batch at. Apparently you can just keep snipping off the “greens” for use and then they’ll keep producing more.

I’m putting these into the garden now to see how long I can keep this going.


planted green onions
all pieces tucked right into the ground

Will they continue growing forever and ever?

Will I never have to buy green onions again (unless a gopher munches them)?

Anyone know?

I’ll keep you posted,
~ Lita




8 Comments on Green Onion Trick

    • I really hope this works…I never seem to use all of them before they’re going bad…this should help :)

  1. Nice, mommy does this too…don’t know why I didn’t catch on. No more buying green onions….Thanks, Lita!

    • yahoo! How come it’s a secret all the “mommies” know?!? I’m going to try to keep mine going as long as I can!

    • Isn’t it great!! I really hope it works well…I’m so excited because I never seem to have green onions when I need them…and then I buy them and forget about them in the fridge. Wish all problems could be solved this simply!

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