Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose

Remember how in the past I mentioned Mimi was considering becoming a Nun? Well, this last weekend, Libby, Hunter, Westly and I joined her in visiting the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose. This is a congregation of Holy sisters (nuns) that Mimi has chosen and is hoping to join in the future.

We went to their “Motherhouse” located at Mission San Jose. What an absolutely gorgeous location. We were attending their annual Jubilee  which is where they honor sisters in their order who have been with them 75, 70, 65, 60, 50 and 25 years. We joined the sisters and their families for a special mass and then for a delicious luncheon and tour of the grounds.

Chapel at Mission San Jose

Mimi is currently in the “discernment” phase – which means she participates in a variety of events and experiences with the community of Dominican sisters to see if she would like to enter religious life with them. There seems to be no “absolute” as to what this phase means as it can be different for each individual woman. At this time Mimi meets with a beautiful woman, Sister Marcia, monthly to discuss her path and her calling. She also attends retreats with the sisters to begin to experience what life with their community would be like for her. In fact, next week Mimi will spend Friday through Wednesday with them living in their shadow day in and day out to gain more insights into their lives.

If Mimi does decide this is the path she is called to follow in her life, she will then enter the two phases of initial formation: candidacy and novitiate. After those phases she will actually make her Profession of Vows – first temporary profession and then a final profession. I’ll be sure to share more about this path as I learn of it from Mimi. From what I understand the whole process can take from between 5 and 7 years….but let’s not get ahead of ourselves….

After our visit, Libby and I both felt a lot of peace about this choice Mimi has made. We both feel (and as Libby knows her better than anyone) that this lifestyle will 100% completely suit who we believe Mimi to be. Along with the beauty of the Motherhouse, the feeling I experienced while there was one of complete peace.

more mission views

Do you know anyone who has chosen a religious vocation? Are you considering one? I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Day,
~ Lita



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    • This whole process is so amazing to witness. She’s at a 5 day retreat now – where she shadows a nun the whole time. Can’t wait to hear what she thinks about it when she gets back home on Wednesday.

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