I was looking over my site – looking for items that need updating. I’ve been trying not to spend a lot of time on continually re-designing my site, but as I was checking out the “My Crew” image to the left, I realized, some updating is necessary.

The boys have grown and changed so much since I chose those photos.

They’ve even changed so much since these two photos were taken at the beginning of this summer.

Hunter at Great America

Westly at Great America

WOW – such a vivid reminder of how time flies!

I’m loving every moment of watching these two cutie-pies grow, but man, I wish it would slow down just a teeny bit!

Treasure the Day,




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  1. Love the pictures…why can’t my pictures be that clear & colorful???? Also, I like the blue on your banner. Nice change!!!!

    ? J

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