Are you like me and do you wait until the last minute to prepare, print and send your holiday cards? Rushing around like a crazy person trying to get it all done?

This year, I’m determined to start early – which means starting now!

AND, this year, I’m going to be using Shutterfly to create my family’s card.

Why Shutterfly, you ask?

Well, usually I spend hours and hours just choosing photographs for our cards, and then I rush the layout never being quite happy with the outcome.

This year, I’ve decided to go with less text and more photos and use Shutterfly and the many design options they offer. In fact, choosing just one design might be the hardest issue I face this year.

Check out the many options here – Shutterfly Holiday Cards.

And get this…they’ll even stuff, stamp and mail your cards for you!

Oh, to be that organized!!

Here are a couple of the designs I love (and I love that they’re customizable too!)

Of course, I had to include one that shows a furry friend!!

Shutterfly’s photo gifts are super fun too. I’m pretty consistent about making calendars each year for the Grandparents, but I think this year, I may mix it up a bit.

I really like the look of these notebooks:

And I LOVE that you can choose between lined and unlined paper – I’m partial to the unlined myself as I like to doodle all over the place.

Shutterfly can also create mugs, keychains, aprons, tote bags, puzzles and much, much more from your photos. I might just get all my holiday gift buying done on their site!

Of course, they make gorgeous photos books too!

I create photo books from all of our trips. I’m currently working on our Vancouver/Victoria trip book using their fully customizable book option.

You can even make a personal cookbook as shown above…hmmmm might have to try that!

They also have fabulous photo book templates to choose from.

Ready to give Shutterfly a try?

I’m ready to help you out with that. The wonderful people at Shutterfly have given me the chance to give 3 of my readers 25 free cards!

Just leave me a comment below letting me know what’s your holiday decorating theme – classical, contemporary, whimsical or merry and bright.

Or are you a bit of a scrooge and leave the decorating to everyone else.

Thanks Shutterfly for this fun holiday giveaway!

I’ll leave this giveaway open a whole week – until Thursday, November 17th at midnight Pacific time.

Good Luck and Happy Holiday preparations!




Thanks everyone who entered!! I’m so excited and have loved reading all your comments! I can now respond to all of you – I had to hold off so my replies wouldn’t be counted in the comments (haven’t figured out how not to do that yet :)

I have three winners:

Congratulations Leilani, Melissa & Tammy!!!

I will contact you with your code for receiving 25 free Shutterfly holiday cards.

Happy Holidays Everyone!






32 Comments on Shutterfly Holiday Card Giveaway

  1. I don’t have much time for decorating this year, but if i had time it would be merry and bright with Disney characters! =)

    • Disney of course!!!! I would love to have a whole tree of Disney ornaments!! I try to buy a couple each time I visit in Orlando. Don’t quite have a tree full yet, but I’m working on it! :) Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you so much for entering!! I love the dog card too – wish I could get my little French bulldog to sit for a photo like that! He simply knows whenever I’m going to get my camera and then he acts shy!! The notebooks are precious and I know I’ll be making some this year…just have to pick some photos for the cover – that will be the hard part for me. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!

    • Thank you for entering!! whimsical has got to be the most fun word in our language!! It just brings up so many fun, happy emotions for me! Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you so much for entering!! I love that design and any design with snowflakes on it – I always try to include some in any holiday card I choose (or make). Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks so much for entering…aaahh traditional makes me think of all things red and green…a winning combo each holiday. I may just head that route this year as I went the blue, white and silver route last year and I think I’m in the mood for something classic :) Happy Holidays!

    • The classic theme works ALL the time!! somehow I’m sure classic pieces are included in any design as who can resist?!? Thanks so much for entering my contest and Happy Holidays!

    • Thanks so much for entering!! I’m loving so many of their cards and am having a hard time choosing one and also choosing what photos to use – so far the hardest decision to make this holiday season, so I’m not complaining :) Happy Holidays!

    • Happy Holidays to you too! and thanks so much for entering…Merry & Bright…doesn’t saying that just make you smile? It does me :)

  2. I would like to go with Merry and Bright theme. My son was just born earlier this month and I want his 1st Christmas to be very memorable for our family.

    • Congratulations on your little guy!! How much fun is it going to be to celebrate his first Christmas with him – the beginning of beautiful memories with him!! Aww that is just the BEST!! Thanks so much for entering and Happy Holidays!

  3. Merry and Bright! But would love to start changing to more modern too! Just love Christmas, whatever theme it is:) <3

  4. This year I’m I’m going with Merry & Bright. My decor will be white and silver with raspberry and pink. Perfect to delight my granddaughters.

  5. I am a slacker when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Maybe winning these cards will help me get going faster! Rneorr at gmail dot com

    • Pieces full of memories sounds like just the BEST!! No matter what I add or change each year, the little ornaments and trinkets the kids have made through the years are always on display and always my favorite! Thanks so much for entering and Happy Holidays!

  6. I would say ours is a bit Whimisical and a bit Merry and Bright! :) We have meshed two families decorating styles and created our own!

    • Thanks so much for entering!! I love combining different styles. I try to mix it up each year with our decorating. My mom gave me a ton of decorations she was ready to part with last year and I cannot wait to fill the house with them this year! Happy Holidays!

    • Melissa thanks so much for entering and you’re a WINNER!!! I will email you with a code to order your 25 free cards!! Oh and a Winter Wonderland sounds amazing!! I may just use that as a theme inspiration for my house this year – I can already picture it!! Happy Holidays!!

  7. As you know I sent many of my decorations to you and Libby. I still have about 12 30 gallon tubs. Some your Dad and I made, others we bought. I love to decorate for Christmas.

  8. I don’t think my holiday decorating “theme” can be described in one word. I have a tabletop light up tree made from an old motherboard and I like to buy a wreath for the smell, usually put that up on the front door. Oh, and I decorate my dog with reindeer antlers or a santa hat because that makes me laugh.

    • I’d love to see a photo of your tree made from an old motherboard!!! Yes, I agree, there’s nothing like the smell of a fresh holiday wreath!! Each year I think I’m going to make one and then I wait and wait too long and finally just purchase one from a seller on the side of the road. It works and I should just accept I’ll do that again this year :) Happy Holidays and thanks for entering!!

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