Vegan MoFo

This year I’ve decided to give-it-a-go and participate in Vegan MoFo.

What does that mean? …well, for the next month I will post a TON about being vegan…food, recipes, products, etc.

AND it’s not just me posting throughout the month…many, many other very cool vegan bloggers will be posting a TON too – and I plan on sharing some of my favorite finds here too.

To kick it off, I’m going to start with a status update on my “vegan-ness”.


You know those pants that have gotten snug and you just don’t want to get rid of them so you tuck them into the back of your closet hoping to wear them again one day? WELL, today I’m wearing those pants!!

Nope, I’m not on a diet per se and nope, I’m definitely not counting calories.

Though I’ve been primarily vegan for years, about 3 months back I made the commitment to myself to be a healthier vegan. This means that during this time I’m basically eating PLANTS.

plants from my garden

Yep, veggies, fruits, nuts, beans and seeds make up the majority of my diet right now….with the occasional tofu, tempeh or veggie meat item thrown in for good measure. BUT the majority of what I’ve been eating is definitely simply PLANTS.

And you know what….I feel GREAT! Not only have I gotten a bit smaller, but my skin looks clear and, basically, I feel super healthy. I haven’t gotten on the scale, but I have somewhat tracked my measurements and I’ve definitely lost many inches – and it feels like I’ve barely been trying!

You may have noticed that I recently posted about getting back into cycling. I’m sure that has helped too – though in the past when I’ve exercised more it’s only brought about my feeling a need to eat more. I guess when you’re eating mostly plants though, it balances better. I think mostly the cycling has given me the satisfaction of feeling more fit (and strong) – which are certainly other good ways to feel.

On another positive note, I went in for my annual blood work a couple of weeks ago and my cholesterol has dropped 20 points! What a bonus!!

So, during this month of Vegan MoFo, I will be sharing….sharing a LOT.

Expect lots of photos of what I eat on a daily basis – it might not be too exciting, but maybe it will be a little inspiring and also prompt you to share your tips and ideas back with me and other readers of this blog.

Happy MoFo Everyone!!!