Knitting FunAhh, Happy New Year everyone!!

I hope all your holidays were fabulous!!

So, last year I took a knitting class….after which I proceeded to knit my first scarf for a dear friend and then I put away all the knitting paraphernalia….until now.

Typical, right?! Well, typical of me anyways…so busy always to have trouble stopping and focusing on the here and now. A BIG issue I’m working on in this new year.

Anyways, since it’s Winter and since all I seem to take notice of are these fabulous knitted items, in early December, I thought I’d like to get back to this knitting “stuff”.

Well, of course, I pretty much remembered NOTHING of what I had learned a year ago!

Thankfully, I had thought ahead (and at the recommendation of the knitting instructor) had purchased this book:

Though I have now realized, at the ripe ol’ age of 45, that I’m not very good at following written instructions, I did finally figure out (and somewhat remember) what I had learned in class….thankfully I haven’t lost my whole mind yet!

During this class I took, I had purchased this yarn that I just LOVE,


so I just simply started with casting on and knitting and purling with it.

Sounds simple, right?!

Well, I promise, I easily worked on the simple task of casting on stitches for at least a day! Trying to follow the instructions, giving it a go, realizing it was incorrect and pulling the piece apart, time and time again!


BUT, I finally got it!

Once, I had 24 stitches cast on, I worked on knitting a row, purling a row, knitting a row, purling a row, etc. etc.


I had gotten about 6 inches in to this process, when, luckily, a friend of our’s came over for a holiday greeting…a friend who is also a FABULOUS knitter and she examined my work and asked what I was making.

“Making?!?!”, I said, “Um, nothing yet, I’m just knitting away and practicing”, I replied.

She came up with the fabulous suggestion, that I take this rectangle of knitting I had begun and measure it against my hand, mark my thumb off on the piece and create hand/wrist warmers!!!

Ok, I admit, I have been admiring these fingerless glove items in the Sundance Catalog ALL season!! Not allowing myself to buy any (um, it was the holidays and I shouldn’t make purchases for myself), but admiring ALL the time!!

Well, I did it!


I actually followed through on her idea and, seriously, I’m so excited because A) I finished a knitting project and B) I LOVE THEM!!!


Two very rare occurrences, but also two very motivating movements!

Since I had yarn left over, I also made an ear-warmer head band and, for fun, a little knitted bracelet.


So, this is it…the New Year and possibly a lot of NEW changes around this here household (and on this blog).

I’m not defining anything at this time, but working on being present with where I am and what I’m doing at any given time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a sale on yarn at Michael’s this week, so I must be off to see what deals I can find!

Happy New Year!!



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  1. That sounds so peaceful! This Christmas I asked your mom to knit me simple potholders. They were one of my favorite gifts. I just may give it a go! :)

    • I think you would LOVE knitting – you already love handmade items and you’re so familiar with textures and patterns….knitting will probably come so easily to you (unlike my struggles). I love it so much now…I knit first thing in the AM with my cup of tea by my side…as I wake up. And then again at the end of the day as I unwind from the day with the Bubbaloo by my side :)

    • Thank you – I’m loving them and already have a list of friends who want a pair too – hmmm could be an idea for next year’s holiday gifts :)

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