Maui Fun

So, the Maui fun continues!!

I’m so happy we came a few days before the wedding so I would have a little time to relax and have fun before the “photographer” pressure begins.

Here’s how our days are going so far:

Wake up, have a cup of tea and head out on the “morning walk” (approx. 7 miles along the “beach walk” path) started very early – as in around 6 am because of A) the weather/temperature and B) we’re still on Cali time.

Maui morning

We may – actually Pops may – have a tendency to “feed” snacks to all the critters we see – birds, kitties, etc.

Maui Kitty

Second, we head out for the “morning dive” where we snorkel around Black Rock.


Day 1 of snorkeling we saw lots of fish, 4 rays, and 2 gorgeous sea turtles!!

Day 2….well, day 2…

If you’re not following me on social media / facebook, then you missed this:

dolphin pod post

OMG!!! I’m still living on a high from this time…it was insane. I need to check online to see if anyone posted photos, etc. There were a ton of people watching us and pointing and photographing, etc. from the shore and nearby hotel. We were the only 2 crazy snorkelers out there with this pod of dolphin. Seriously, I was just swimming out without looking where I was going – just following Pops – and did NOT realize how far from shore or the point we were!!

I may or may not have dolphin nightmares in the future. Seriously, in my mind, I thought they were scooting by us quickly because possibly a shark was following them – therefore, we would be the “added snack bonus” for said shark. BUT I have since learned that they would not do that – in fact, I’ve heard they would fend off a shark because there were actually baby dolphins in the pod.

Day 3 – we snorkeled/swam all the way around the point/ Black Rock and saw amazing fish, so many beautiful turtles – um, how are they so unbelievably graceful when they swim?!?! and watched “maniacs” jump from high up off the cliffs into the water.

Tomorrow the goal is to actually bring the GoPro into the water and catch some images/video of this beautiful area….might help to show you what I’m describing right?

Last night we went into Lahaina for dinner. We are seriously NOT the people to post restaurant reviews..I mean we eat mainly veggies and are not willing to pay ridiculous prices for them…but our dinner was yummy – veggie burritos and our bellies were happy.

For example, here’s a pic of a “broccoli” plate lunch I had…OMG I could eat this daily to fulfill my LOVE of broccoli!! (sorry had to share this yummy food pic)

broccoli plate lunch

The fun of being in Lahaina was walking around near the harbor. On one of my RARE surfing go-outs (um, because I’m a BIG chicken) I remember surfing here 20 years ago. I may have purled quite a bit, but I remember the joy of surfing in this lovely warm water.


A wonderful man offered to take a photo of us…notice how I ALWAYS seem to be carrying many bags in all our couple pics (and Pops is carrying NOTHING!) – not complaining by the way…I’m a big “carrier” – seemingly needing to have “stuff” – though maybe forgetting 1/2 my luggage will break me of that!:

Jim&Jen Maui

So, again all these pics were taken with my iPhone. I am somewhat afraid of using my Nikon DSLR right now – saving it for the wedding because I’m paranoid something will happen to it…but also, I really want to embrace iPhoneography!!

Just for fun…here’s a beefy beach boy shot with the GoPro:

Beefy Beach Boy

You’re Welcome!





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  1. I love how Jimi is feeding animals all the time. AND, I had to brag about how he’s a surfer to the kids. They are super impressed. :) I LOVE the photos, you have a true talent, Jenna.

    • Thanks Kimmy!!! OMG you have no idea how many critters are on our hotel deck every morning right now!!! I hope he’s feeding them early enough that no one at the hotel notices!! When we passed Starbucks the other day, someone had left a bunch of food on a table…so you know we had to pick it all up (of course, I had to carry it) and bring it along to feed critters along the walk back :) So fun!!!

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