(this post is written by Pops)

On Friday night, Lita and I were having a quiet evening at home when, unexpectedly, an owl (which, for sure, had a prior life as a kamikaze pilot) came down our chimney, through the fire, over our fireplace screen and began flying around our living room.

From experience, I would have expected him to frighten Lita. After all, she’s afraid of rodents, bugs (especially spiders) and most birds, all parrots and even parakeets, but I was wrong – she was TERRIFIED!

Screaming, she dropped to all fours and crawled into the bedroom and shut the door claiming that the owl was flying at her. She then, for undetermined reasons, texted her best friend Kathy (I think she was going to “report” the owl or me or both). It turns out, Kathy, who lives 4 blocks away, is even more terrified of owls and texted back “that she could never come to our house again”.

Fortunately, the owl calmed down after a few minutes and landed on a picture frame and closed it’s eyes.


Only then, did Lita crack the door and take the following photos and video.



After about 15 minutes the owl flew out of the open front door seemingly none the worse for it’s adventure.

Anyone know what kind of owl this is?

~ Pops

Note from Lita: When I realized that this might be an invitation to Hogwarts and I might get to be a wizard and meet Harry Potter, everything changed and I started calling the owl baby! :)


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    • Sorry for the late response. Oh I know – an owl as a pet would’ve been awesome!!! I just worried she(he) had family to get back to!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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