My goodness I haven’t written on here in a while! It seems I’ve only shared on here “major” life events i.e. heart surgeries, medical procedures, meeting long, lost family, etc. I’ve shared our life events on other platforms, but, as of this moment, it feels good to just sit down and write in this space.

The Future

Big life change are coming my way soon. For those who don’t know, I’ll be retiring from Hexagon in September of this year. Most of my years living in California (since 89-90) have been spent working with many of these same people. Though the companies have changed, the friendships I’ve made with many of them have been a constant in my life.

A lot of information I read on work/life balance talk about keeping your work life and your personal life separate. I imagine that is possible in some work environments, but it simply hasn’t been the case for me. Maybe it’s my personality. In fact, I like that I’ve sort of grown up with the people I work with. We’ve seen each other through marriages, changing residences, illnesses, growing families, etc. We know each other’s spouses and families. In fact, one of the joys in my life is following many of the children of people I work with on social media. I love that simple way of keeping up in their lives and cheering them on. Especially since I’ve known most of them from the time they were born.

For better or worse, the current generation seems to switch jobs a lot more often than my generation did, and I imagine we switched even more than the generation before us. A sign of changing times.

As far as changing times and life changes, I feel I’m ready for this major one. I’ve had a job since I was 15 years old, so it will be interesting to actually not have one after September. I’m not definitive that I will never work again, but if I do work in the future, I feel like it will be something quite different than what I’ve spent the past decades doing. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a little anxiety about this change. I look at this anxiety as a “good” anxiety though. An exciting anxiety of possibility. Even the possibility of not a lot of change at all since I’ve only been working 2 days a week for the past few years.

I’ve given this decision a lot of thought and, if you asked Jimi, probably too much discussion. Once I made the decision and chose a date though, I’ve felt pretty sure of the choice.

Jimi and Jen on a bike trail

Maybe I’ll get back to sharing more here. Maybe more art, more gardening, more bread baking, more photography, more bike adventures, more travel…maybe more all of it. I’ve learned in the past few years to appreciate every day because things will change quicker than we know it. So, maybe this blog will be focused on more gratitude. I love this blog. It’s been a fabulous place of expression and also a great tool for connection and, I hope to continue, albeit more frequently, sharing and connecting here.

So, here’s to the future! If anyone has any advice or ideas about moving into this phase of life, I’d love to hear them. I appreciate all those who have been here following along through the years, even when it’s been quite silent.

To the future!!


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