Hi, I’m Jen a.k.a. Lita. I’m a Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator living in the techie world of Silicon Valley.

I’m also a Blogger and Social Media Influencer who is a Lover of Photography, Vegan Food, Disney, Design, Travel, Family, French Bulldogs, Life, Gardening and the SF Bay Area (which has been home for the past 27 years)!

I grew up in Massachusetts, living there until after 8th grade when my family moved to Florida. Living in Kissimmee, Florida had it’s perks – working at The Magic Kingdom in High School was one of them. Since my Mom still lives in Kissimmee, I’m able to enjoy The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom a few times a year. The beauty, creativity and pure joy of it all inspires me to this day.

After my college years in Tampa, the  company I worked for asked me if I’d like to work for a while in their California office. Of course I said “YES!” and took the opportunity to live in the amazing city of San Francisco.

Life was wonderful but, little did I know, it would get even better when I met the love of my life Jimi aka Pops. It took  an Elementary School teacher, 20 years my senior, raising 2 daughters on his own to make my life complete. Almost 30 years later, life is still amazing. I have two handsome Grandsons who call me “Lita” (as I felt a little too young to be called Grandma) and Lita’s World was born.

I believe the experiences of living in such different areas of our country, and traveling around the world, have given me an appreciation and an interest in people and places – not to mention different foods, decorating ideas and artistic styles and tastes. All of which I share here on my blog.

Please also join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat (litasworldjen) where I share all the things I love!!

Welcome to my journey and thanks for stopping by.

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4 Comments on About Me

  1. So glad I found your page! Please give my best to Mr. Hunter, he was my 5th grade teacher at Cherrywood. I even remember we took a field trip to my house to see our gym because he was so into fitness! He gave me some great memories

  2. So great to read about the spectacular Mr. Jim Hunter, I always wondered if he continued his unique teaching style and from the articles it looks like he kept it up until retirement. I have so many fond memories of my 5th grade year. I didn’t realize I was probably in one of his first classes. I wrote my high school SAT written all about Mr. Hunter and his positive teaching techniques. Please tell Jim he is a rock star of teachers! It is the only school year I remember vividly and that is saying a lot because that was almost 40 years ago.

  3. Please give Mr.Hunter a special thanks for being such an inspirational human being. I just turned 40 this year and he was my 5th grade teacher at Cherrywood. Checkmate with Mr.Hunter. Whatever it Takes and UBU

  4. Enjoyed viewing your travelogue. Give “Pops” my best regards – one of the nicest guys to come out of Berryessa.

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