Vegan Products I Love

This list is a bit different from the vegan products I make and love (recipes). These are products I buy already made, including; clothing and accessories, toiletries, snacks, health products and ready made foods.

I’ll be updating this page often, please check back.

You can click here – Lita’s Loves –  for the ongoing list of vegan products I love which includes all the products below.

Clothing & Accessories

Vegan Toiletries
Vegan “Ready-Made” Foods
Vegan Snacks
Vegan Health Products

Other “Vegan Loves”:

Vegan Magazines

I’ve already admitted I’m a magazine addict . I have been making the commitment to switch over to digital subscriptions when available. Here’s a list of ones I CANNOT live without

VegNews– hands down this is the magazine I look forward to receiving more than any other!! There is so much information inside. Not only do they share product information, but they have amazing recipes, info on events coming to your area, information on vegan fashion, blogs, cookbooks, vacations, restaurants, etc. I carry this magazine around with me all month and constantly refer back to it.

Vegetarian Times Magazine
Vegetarian Times – I don’t think a month goes by where I don’t make at least 3-4 recipes from this magazine. There’s just tons of them in there and they’re all so very tasty!

Have any tips on vegan products you’d like me to review or try? Please email me and let me know.

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