My best friend celebrates his 75th Birthday today! To say this is a milestone that should be rejoiced is an understatement – especially after this past month!

I would venture to guess that most people that know him love him for various reasons. From being their favorite teacher, fun-loving surf buddy, exciting mountain-bike adventurer and just overall interested-in-your-life and caring friend. I love him also for exactly who he is at each and every moment in this life we get to share together.

I’m not claiming every single second we’ve been together has been perfect, but honestly, it’s what you focus on that becomes the most ‘real’. What I choose to focus on is that there has been no one else (other than my parents) who has loved me, encouraged me, supported me and made me feel like the most beautiful person in the universe. The love I give to Jimi is simply me trying to give back what I feel from him.

On this 15th of June, the start of his 75th year, I only wish for him to feel all the love I have for him along with the love others share for all he’s brought to our lives. I also wish for him to have good health, a calm spirit and to continue exploring the curiosity he brings to his friendships, his spiritual learning and the world around us.

I love you Jimi and couldn’t imagine going through this life without you.

Happy 75th birthday my love.


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  1. Happy belated birthday to him! I was just thinking about your family today, which sent me down a rabbit hole and to your website! Wishing you all the best!

    Christine Duong (06-07)

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