My better half, Pops aka “Beloved Free Baba Jimi”, likes to do occasional guest posts on my blog.  Read more about him below and to read his words of wisdom click Beloved Free Baba Jimi to go to his posts categories.

My hubby!
Pops, his friend Tony and Sam - about the time when I met them all.
Pops and Sam heading out on one of their infamous bike rides down the coast of CA
JJ, John and Pops in Tavarua last Spring
Pops and his good buddy Toshi at the Ranch
Pops in his early surfing days
Pops hanging out with locals in South Africa

Pop’s always has quotes and advice to share. We call him “Counselor to the Stars” because many of his friends “star” in their own stories….

but hey, don’t we all?

He reads tons of self-help books, listens to spiritual guidance and after teaching 5th grade for 36 years, trust me, he’s heard it all.

Here’s one of his top quotes to start this off:

“Lack of acceptance of what is, is conflict, and
conflict is pain.”

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