Our good friend, Matt George has a new book out, In Deep: The Collected Surf Writings. To say Matt is a fabulous storyteller would not nearly be enough expression of the talent he has as a writer, creator, photographer, surfer and dear friend.

Through his friendship with Jimi, I am lucky to have had many years (about 30 now), following along on the creative endeavors Matt has undertaken. With his visits here at our home, in beautiful San Francisco and throughout California and when he’s been filming in Hawaii, our time with Matt has always been filled with a unique artistic energy. Creatively, he may be one of the most talented people I know – definitely one of the bests photographers I’ve been able to watch work.

I’m hoping he will follow up this book of surf writings with one about the adventures he has been on with his brother Sam and his many friends around the world. These stories should all be shared and told through Matt’s unique voice.

If you’d like to read this collection of surf stories from Matt, it can be purchased here:

Di Angelo Publications – In Deep: The Collected Surf Writings

The book is 500 pages and contains 60 stories from four decades worth of his surf writings. A wonderful book for Jimi to have to read through his recovery here at home. When he’s finished, I look forward to reading this collection of essays myself.

Let me know if you purchase the book and your thoughts on it when you’ve finished reading it.