There are simply so many things in the Vegan world that I love and try to embrace 100%. I’m not perfect, but I give it my best intention.

The longer I live in this practice, the easier I find it to be.

Here are links to the “Vegan Loves” I’ve found that make living as a vegan more fun and exciting.

Vegan Recipes I Love

Vegan Products I Love

Vegan Cookbooks I Love

Vegan Sites & Blogs I Love

Vegan & Vegetarian Food Alternatives

If you’re beginning on a vegan lifestyle, you will quickly find out you are not alone.  You will also see how easy it is to live this lifestyle once you realize all the options you have.

Please email me with any questions you may have and also any input you have on your own Vegan Loves – I’d love to try them and share them.


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