Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods

Staying in the Valley of the Gods

After our Petroglyph hike and our visit to Goosenecks, we had some time to relax at The Valley of the Gods B&B, so I took a moment to snap a few photos of the glorious afternoon. The lighting and the colors are just so intense and magnificent. Since our friends Kimberly and Eddied camped in the […] Read more…

Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods – Petroglyphs

Day 4 of our vacation brings us FABULOUS weather. The sun is shining, the views from the B&B are spectacular, we’re rested and ready to get out there and hike. Our friends, Kimberly and Eddie are interested in hiking to look for petroglyphs and, as luck would have it, Gary, one of the B&B owners […] Read more…

Moki Dugway

the Moki Dugway

After leaving Natural Bridges State Park, we continued our journey to our B&B in The Valley of the Gods with the final leg of the journey being a ride down the Moki Dugway. The Moki Dugway is a 3 mile, nicely graded dirt road, with a lot of switchbacks, descending at about an 11% grade […] Read more…