Friday, July 25, 2014

About Me & My Crew


I’m Jen a.k.a. Lita, a vegan, eco-friendly graphic designer living in beautiful Northern California.

I started this blog to share my journey through life being primarily vegan.

I also try to be as eco-friendly as I can be and share easy tips I’ve found to help green my life and my household.

I like to share vegan products I have tried and love in the hopes of getting others to try them and take a simple step in the direction of choosing to eat healthier.
(I also hope others will realize that foods that are vegan aren’t necessarily icky or bad tasting and, in fact, can be quite delicious)

I blog a bit about my family, my crafts, my garden, my travels, my photography – pretty much anything goes.

litagl1 About Me & My Crew

Why Lita?

Lita is what my handsome Grandson’s call me – I simply felt too young to be called “Grandma” and I thought Lita sounded cute and it stuck!

I’ve never been prouder to be called anything else.

I’ve been married for over 17 years to a wonderful man 20 years my senior – we’ll call him Pops. His real name is Jimi – but he aspires to be called

Beloved Free Baba Jimi

He’s a retired teacher who taught in the same Elementary School for 36 years!
His wisdom and love keep me grounded – I couldn’t have married a more perfect man for me.

pandl About Me & My Crew
“Lita” and “Pops”

Here are the other members of my crew including my two wonderful grown-up daughters (Libby & Mimi), my two ridiculously cute grandsons (Hunter & Westly), and my stubborn and silly French Bulldog named Bubba:

aboutmecrew About Me & My Crew

Welcome to my journey and thanks for stopping by.

jen72611 About Me & My Crew

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litasign About Me & My Crew