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Updated October 13, 2015…

Hi, I’m Jen a.k.a. Lita, a vegan, eco-friendly graphic designer living in beautiful Northern California.

I’m a Lover of Photography * Vegan Food * Disney * Design * Travel * Family * French Bullies * Life * and the SF Bay Area (aka home)! I grew up in Massachusetts, living there until 8th grade when I moved to Florida with my family until I was 21. Then, I was offered a job in San Jose, CA and moved here to the Bay Area in Northern California. Thinking I’d only be here a couple of years, life had other ideas for me and brought me to meet the love of my life Pops. (His real name is Jimi – and I’ve given him his own page now so you can read about the amazing person he is and his 36 years as an elementary school teacher -His wisdom and love keep me grounded – I couldn’t have married a more perfect man for me).We’ve been happily married for over 20 years now, raised to beautiful daughters and now have tons of fun with our incredible Grandsons.

I believe the experiences of living in such different areas of our country has given me an appreciation and an interest in people and places – not to mention different foods, decorating ideas and artistic styles and tastes. As an adult, having had the opportunity to travel to other countries has only increased my interest in other cultures – how they live, the foods they eat, the styles they wear, the ways they live and arrange their homes and the thoughts they have on life. I am continually adding to my list of places yet to see both in the US and abroad and hope to share these experiences here.

I started this blog to share my journey through life being primarily vegan and eco-friendly but it has definitely evolved. I still like to share vegan products and foods and recipes, but do so more through my other social media channels now. Please join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!!

Though my name is Jen, Lita is what my handsome Grandson’s call me. When they came along, I simply felt too young to be called “Grandma”. A friend called suggested Abuellita (little Grandma in Spanish), I condensed it to “Lita” and the name stuck

Here are the other members of my crew including my two wonderful grown-up daughters (Libby & Mimi), my two ridiculously cute grandsons (Hunter & Westly), and my stubborn and silly French Bulldog named Bubba:

Lita's World family

Welcome to my journey and thanks for stopping by.

If you’d like to get in touch with me to ask questions, share ideas, etc. click below to email me:


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