Happy September everyone! I’m ready for Fall even though the Bay Area has decided to have a four-day heat wave! Thankfully, we are able to do some bike riding in cooler areas near the Bay where we enjoy views, fresh air and a bit of adventure along the way.

There’s this thing in blogging about finding your niche. I created Lita’s World leaving all my options open. From vegan food recipesgreen tipsphotographytravelDisney, etc. I just wasn’t able to settle on one thing to be my “niche”. If you scroll down the right side of my site to the “categories” block, you can click the pull-down menu to see all the category options I’ve covered.

Finding My Niche

I had a revelation as we were riding yesterday. At this point in time, I think my niche is bike riding and the sights we see and the fun we have along the way.

One of the things I LOVE the most about our rides is taking photos and videos and then pulling them together to share with others. Lately, I’ve been using the Relive App a ton! I love the mapping aspect using GIS through ESRI (making maps and using GIS is a lot of what I do at my “real” job). The details it gives us about our ride time, elevation and speed are just what this techie girl needs.

You can view these rides if you link to us on the Relive App, but I’ve also been adding them to our Vimeo Bike Riding showcase and recently adding them to our YouTube account. This way, anyone that wants to view our rides and share in the fun can do so on the platform they’re most comfortable with. If you choose YouTube, you can watch our trip videos too.

I enjoy watching our past videos to not only relive the trip, but to also see what I can improve upon video-making-wise. Keeping this sort of digital journal of our lives makes me so very happy.

Upcoming Trip

We’re about to head out on a road/bike adventure for a few weeks. While I’ll be sharing this trip on my Instagram, Snapchat (litasworldjen) and Facebook channels. I’m excited to get footage to create a longer “trip” video once we return. It’s been a while and my love for all the “techi-ness” of creation in that way is ready for the challenge. I’m also excited to use my drone to capture the beauty of where we’re going.

Bike Ride Video Links

Here are the direct links to our video channels if you’re interested in watching our previous antics.

YouTube Bike Videos

Vimeo Bike Videos

Relive App Link

Recent Ride

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we took a Bay ride yesterday and here is that latest video:

Hope you enjoy our videos. Please share if you’re a rider too and any input on rides we should try.

Happy Fall!