What do I say about this guy??? He’s my fourth child….and just about the cutest french bulldog there is.

My Baby

Trust me, he knows this. I could really write this whole blog about this guy and his clowning around.

When we’re out on our daily walks, people alway stop us and say “he’s ‘So Cute’“. So, because he’s not the brightest crayon, he thinks that So Cute is actually his name.

He must think that because truly he doesn’t come when I call him Bubba – actually, he doesn’t come when I call him So Cute either. Basically, he doesn’t come unless he wants to come. He’s like that. Very dog, very stubborn, very living in his own world.

This is the “blank” look I get when I’m talking to him about doing something he has absolutely no interest in doing.

and this

is the smoosh lip….he’s perfected it. His lip actually gets stuck.

He’s also a professional relaxer.

I probably have about a thousand photos of him in some sort of repose.

Oh, and he’s a professional yoga instructor too.

He’s contemplating working on his own line of videos. He’ll cover all skill levels.

This is my life “All Bubba, All The Time”.

And now I must go and smooch him as he lays warming his belly in front of the fireplace.


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