Walking the red carpet at Cannes is ……exactly as you’d expect it to be…..crazy, exhilarating, mind-boggling and awing. There’s so much action going on as you’re “staged” which is fortunate for me because I simply didn’t have the time to get overwhelmed and to tear-up with emotion (which is typical for me).

The only nervousness I had was about tripping or doing something totally embarrassing like that – especially in the ridiculous heels I was wearing! Of course, there wasn’t any pressure on me for walking- not like there was for Sam and Nia. Their names were announced and then the paparazzi began calling for them to turn their way so they could get their shots.

The paparazzi was INSANE! They were even snapping pics of Pops and I – I believe, just in case we might “be” someone. Our entourage was 16 people which made it nice. Sam and Nia went ahead of us to walk and then our group followed. Right behind us was Woody Allen and Naomi Watts as his latest movie was premiering last night also. Incredible (said with a French accent)!

A complete thrill that I will remember for a lifetime!

Then we were shown to a private room overlooking the Mediterranean for cocktails and photos…and for me to breathe…well for all of us to.

Showtime! Then we were lead to the theatre for the big event. The movie was awesome!

More later….gotta go Yacht day!!!!


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  1. Post pix of your shoes…let everyone know how high it is… & dress, growns, group pix. did you take snap photos of you & Nia getting ready, make-up, hair…?????

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