Yes, I’m super excited about this upcoming trip of a lifetime to Cannes. I also tend to be a super emotional traveler…well a super emotional everyday person actually. Yesterday, I saw these amazing photos of my beautiful family and thought that even though I’ll be away for 2 weeks, seeing and doing and experiencing all sorts of fun, I truly know that what means the most to me will be right back here when I get home.

These first two photos are from the recent wedding of Carl (my daughter’s Grandfather) to Maryann. The photographers did an amazing job. To see more of their work, check out their site here These photos are now destined to be my screen savers!

Hunter, Libby, Robert and Westly (check out Westly's cheese!)
Robert, Hunter, Libby, Westly & Mimi

Randomly, and dependent on what photos I have here with me, are some of the other amazing people in my life. Just wanted to have a fun photo post that I can look at when I’m away.

Mom lounging with Lucy (our cat) - a first time snuggle for them.
Holly, Pops & my lovely mother-in-law Mimi
My Memere and beautiful cousin's wife Denise
My gorgeous sister-in-law Tania and my heart Ty (bo)
Ty (bo) and his handsome daddy, Ben
An oldie but a goodie, my BFF Maura and my Godson Michael and Tim
My beautiful, good friend Leilani and my sweet Goddaughter Janaya
My great friend Jeanette, her cousin Vivian, Leilani and friend Fe - the "fun" girls!

Truly, could anyone ever get enough of this guy? Here he is when he was much tinier than now:

Mr. Bubbaloo

Now if only I could figure out how to fit everyone into my suitcase to take with me on this trip…..blogging, twittering and FB will have to do I suppose!

P.S. if you’re like me and could spend a whole day just looking at photos of Pops, I’ve updated his page with more. Just click here to view them. Here’s a teaser:

Mr. Handsome in New Mexico


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  1. I loved these!!! I am feeling emotional for some reason these past couple of days so these photos did me in…happy tears!

    Lots & lots of love!!!!

  2. What beautiful a family (Libby’s),cute! Was this taken at the wedding? I’m so lucky to have Ms. Lita in my life too!!!! ? Always. Have a fun & safe trip!

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