Yep, on June 15th 62 years ago “Beloved Free Baba Jimi” (a.k.a. Pops, Jimi, my love….) was born.

I know, I know, he looks way too young to be 62. Ya know what? I’m going to let you in on a little secret of his…..


but not just any yoga….

Bubba Yoga!!!!

Let the Stretching Begin

Every morning, BFBJ gets down on the floor with his bolster, etc. to begin his day with stretching.

And to put it simply…. Bubba cannot resist this.

The floor is his territory.

Here’s their most popular series:

Step 1 - Get on the floor...bolster and pillows handy
Step 2 - roll, while paws are extended and your belly's getting scratched
Step 3 - Continue roll stretch and receive head kisses
Step 4 - Then fully extend paws for another long stretch
Finally relax with The Tao of Bubba - Namaste

I can guarantee starting your day this way will most definitely keep you looking young!

Happy Birthday my sweet husband XOXOXO ~Lita


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