Twist Cleaning Supplies

Have you seen these cleaning products before from Twist?

I hadn’t until this weekend, but apparently they’ve been around since 2007. Sometimes I feel like I’m a hermit in a cave.

They’re plant-based cleaning products. Though I can be persuaded, at times, simply to buy a product based on the packaging – and this may or may not have been one of those times – I am now writing about them because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

First, this sponge!!!

Twist Loufah Sponge #50

I know it’s not the best idea to use sponges in the kitchen. But, I have Pops, and he tends to microwave the sponges daily to kill the germs on them. Besides that fact, these sponges are fabulous! One side is, well, a sponge,

Twist Sponge white side

but the other…is this fabulous loufah!

Twist Sponge Loufah side

Does it make sense that this just feels good in your hand? Maybe it’s actually loufah-ing my hand as I scrub dishes?

For those items that need “extra” scrubbing, I picked up this:

Twist Ravioli ScrubbyIt’s made out of hemp and is top-rack dishwasher safe and can also be put into boiling water or into the microwave for 1 minute to disinfect – Pops will be so happy to hear that!

For dusting, I purchased the Twist Bamboo Cloth:

Twist  Bamboo Cloth #35Made out of bamboo and corn, this cloth works great as a super large dust cloth and is also ideal for drying the dishes. You get 3 cloths in one package.

This little beauty – Euro Sponge #10:

Twist Euro Sponge #10is great for kitchen clean-up help – wiping down the counters, appliances, etc. It’s super absorbent and a little toughster when it comes to scrubbing.

Finally, I purchased these European Sponge Cloths:

Twist Euro Sponge Cloth #20They’re like a sponge and a paper towel in one. They can clean, wipe and dry and be used over and over again. The package says they’ll outlast 17 rolls of paper towels. Rather than test that, and go through 17 rolls of paper towels, I’ll take their word for it because these products haven’t let me down yet.

If you haven’t tried these Twist products and are out shopping for cleaning supplies, thing about giving them a try. I’m always looking for alternative, more eco-friendly products to share.

By they way, Twist and the Twist Clean company don’t know me at all and know nothing about me sharing their products with you – as in, they’re not paying me to be nice. I just happen to like these products and wanted to share.



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