Here’s my “product share” of the week…I kinda think I’ve been doing that lately without even realizing it  – though I need to think of a catchy name for it…hmmm…any ideas? Maybe “Lita’s Loves

This week, the star is:

Trader Joe's SoyakiI LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff!!

I always seem to have left-over rice (or grains) along the way. Great to make a quick and easy stir-fry meal out of.  Here’s what I usually do:

1. heat a little toasted sesame oil in a pan
2. add a little chopped onion and let it brown
3. chop up whatever veggies I have in the refrigerator (I’ll admit that lately it’s been a lot of zucchini, but I love mushrooms, broccoli and carrots too)
4. saute the left-over rice in with the onions
5. add the chopped up veggies
6. stir-fry a bit and then…..
7. add the DELISH Soyaki!!
8. simmer this tasty delight (sample as you see the need to, but try to leave some for the others)
9. EAT

ENJOY with love from,
~ Lita

p.s. I promise, Trader Joe’s is not paying me to say this…in fact, they have no idea who I am – I’m just sharing something I love.