aaahhh Christmas was a Success around here. It might have something to do with the Magic Christmas dust we left out for Santa:

Santa's Magic Christmas Dust
(I thought this was a super cute idea sent to us from my friend Maura)

Our day was filled with family, good food, warm fireplaces and lots of kids hugs and smiles. I hope yours was filled with the same.
Hunter & Westly with their presents

It really doesn’t get better than that.

Time to relax now right?…well, maybe..

I have a week off of work and about a gazillion ideas on ways to fill it and things I’d like to do.

I’d love to say I’m just going to sit with a book or a stack of good movies and relax and do nothing…sometimes I wish that I could, but I just simply don’t have that kind of mellow mind. I truly envy those who do. Does anyone have any tips???

I find myself sitting here this morning thinking of each day I have off and what I’d like to do to fill it… head up to San Francisco, take the kids to the Light Show at Gilroy Gardens, bake a potato tart out of my new cookbook, paint in my studio, plant some winter vegetables, work on my scrapbook, meet friends for dinner and movies, hike in Marin, the list goes on and on.

AND this list doesn’t even take into consideration the things I SHOULD do…turn the compost pile, pack away the holiday decorations, give the cars a good cleaning inside and out, finish my January post for Elements of Life, write my thank you cards, go to the gym, etc.

So, what’s my answer to all this mania??

Today, I’m going to throw out the list…and just go with the flow!

Beginning with heading outside to take a nice hike with two of my favorite guys….
Pops & Bubba on a hike

I’ll keep posted on how long this letting go lasts before the craziness in my mind creeps back in…I estimate about 93 minutes :)

Have a super day!
~ Lita