Since beginning this blog, I’ve really cut back on the freelance design projects I used to work on (outside of my full-time job).

It could could be because I’m getting old(er) and find that I simply can’t do as much as I used to do. Or it could be that I simply don’t want to do more work –  I’d rather spend more time with Pops, my daughters and grandsons. And, really, it could be a combination of all of the above.

However, I do have one client, who I’ve known for many, many years, that I still do some work for – my friend  Brad Kearns.

Brad Kearns

If you strive to be more fit and live a healthier life, he’s the guy you need to know. Brad really walks the walk and talks the talk.

Pops and I met Brad years ago when Pops and Brad co-announced triathlons together. Brad is easily the best (and funniest) announcer I’ve ever heard. He is a triathlete himself – and when he was competitive he was ranked among the world’s best.

The first thing you’ll notice about Brad, when you meet him, is his high energy and super positive attitude. He brings this spirit to all that he does.

He is also an author, race director (producing the Auburn, CA Triathlon annually, a world-class event in the Sierra foothills that is lauded as the “World’s Toughest Half”),   and an executive director of a non-profit organization promoting cardiovascular fitness for kids called Running School.

Brad also operates a healthy nutrition products web site called

He delivers motivational talks and seminars to schoolchildren, corporate groups and community groups, detailing his favorite theme of pursuing peak performance with a healthy, balanced approach.

Though I’ve known him for years, I’ve just begun consulting Brad on  becoming the healthiest “me” that I can be. I’ll definitely be sharing some of Brad’s insights with you in the near future. (FYI, there could be some dietary changes here.)

In the meantime, while I review all these “healthy” thoughts I’m toying with, I’ll share with you a couple of the maps I’ve worked on recently for Brad’s events….just because.

Auburn Triathlon map
Auburn Triathlon Course maps

School Fun run Map
Brad's School Fun Run Map

Now you know, that outside of the office, there are other creative things I do besides changing the colors on my blog.

Happy Wednesday everyone,
~ Lita


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    • yes, Brad is unbelievable…though now all I’m thinking about is food, food, food..what should I eat, what shouldn’t I…ugh! I’m obsessed…I’ll admit it!

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