calla lily in the garden

and I’m so ready…YAHOO!!!

Finally, our weather is becoming “Spring-Like” and I’m just loving my mornings out in the garden.

Here’s a few shots of what’s blooming so far:

blooms from the garden

It’s truly unbelievable how quickly the weather has changed. We had 22 out of 25 days of rain in March. I know my yard has enjoyed the soaking, but Bubba and I are so ready to dry out a bit!

daisy blooms

The whole Bay Area is so lush right now from such a great rain season. The green hilltops remind me of Ireland and how beautifully green it was there when Mom and I took our trip there.

red bloom

I know by mid-summer the hills will turn their symbolic golden hue, so I’m enjoying the Springtime carpet of green.

yellow daisies

This Saturday is our local Master Growers Plant Sale. I’ll be heading there this year, as last year, to buy my tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplants and whatever other beauties I can find. Since the x!$@ gopher has destroyed 3 of my rose bushes in my rose garden, I’ve been preparing the ground there to be my new veggie patch. I cannot believe how rocky the soil is and how anything has ever survived and grown. I think as I clear and amend the soil with compost it will be the perfect area for the vegetables to thrive.

I did start a bit early this week with my first ever planting of potatoes. I had purchased these grow bags and seed potatoes earlier this year just waiting for the right time to set them out.

potato tubs and see potatoesSeemed easy enough to set up, we’ll see how it goes. I would love for these little German Butterballs to thrive – don’t the photos of them look yummy?!

planted seed potatoesThe bags aren’t the cutest thing going, but they were super easy to set up and I figure I can move them around if where I put them ends up not providing enough sun for the potatoes to grow.

More photos coming after I get the veggie babies in this weekend.

Happy Spring everyone!
~ Lita