Dr Sun Yay-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Chinatown Vancouver

When we were visiting and being tourists around Vancouver we couldn’t resist visiting Chinatown and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Classical Chinese Garden.

Upon entering Chinatown you first cross under a beautifully ornate gate.

Chinatown GateI just love all the bright and fabulous colors and details in this gate!!!

Next stop…the gardens!

door to Dr Sun Yat-Sen garden

jim at garden entrance

I took so many photos here!! The colors, the “zen” scenes and just the beauty of the gardens was so inspiring.

Chinese Garden collage

I feel like we were on a movie set…chinese garden collage

The garden is so close to downtown, but you feel like you’re in another world.

chinese garden

Even on the overcast day we visited…the garden was still enchanting.


more of our Vancouver touring to come….




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    • Thanks!! Oh we loved it…I just re-organized all my photographs (old and new) onto a new external hard drive…and am starting to learn Lightroom…so hopefully I’ll get up some more photos from our trip soon – what an amazing trip!!!

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