The Empress in Victoria



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  1. The Empress is stunning, I just love how the ivy is climbing up the building.

    I don’t see a link to follow you on blog frog. I just happened to be mulling around there when I found your post & blog. I have the community on my page if you like follow me (on my site) & I will follow you back.This way we can keep in touch besides on our blogs!

    PS.I came by to tell you….I forgot to mention to you a few posts back I have a giveaway if you’d like to enter it, it is still open. & all your photos look amazing from your trip!Thanks for your lovely comment & enjoy your weekend!!

    • Oh I LOVE your site!!! I still haven’t figured out how to make a community page right on my blog…any tips? I’ll be following you hoping to be inspired :) Thanks so much!!

    • Thank you!! It was absolutely gorgeous in Victoria!! We worried we would hit some rainy weather as that is what the forecast called for, but we got lucky and had lots of blue skies and sunshine. We’re definitely hoping to go back someday!

    • Thank you!! It was our first trip to Victoria and though I had seen photos beforehand, I can honestly say it was just so much more beautiful being there! I hope we can return someday! Oh, and the people we met there were so friendly and AMAZING!! :)

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