garden chair art

Do you ever have items sitting around the house or yard, that you look at for years and years and think:

a) these things are just in the way?


b) I want to do something cool with them?

Well, these two  “soda shoppe” chairs have been in my studio taking up space “forever”.

I feel like I’ve been walking around them and shifting their locations for so long that I got to the point where I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I was doing that anymore.

Maybe spending lots of time in my studio lately means the “creative bug” has finally struck me in the head helping me realize and get motivated to finally do something with these chairs?

So, with Pop’s help, I pushed out the chair bottoms, spray painted the chairs my favorite deep red color, and inserted hanging planter pots in the chair bases. Then I filled the pots with some Spring flowers.

Ahhh, so much better!

Now, I’m looking around the yard and studio to see if I can find inspiration from other items that have just been “sitting” around (pun intended).



 (sorry, I took the photos in this post with my phone so, they’re not the best, but I felt like posting this now and not waiting to take some better shots later)



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    • thanks Jessica…I can’t believe I’ve been letting those chairs sit around for so long without “doing” something with them…I’m sure there are many things around here I do that to!! :)

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