See the beautiful bride above?

That’s my Aunt Ellen (she’s also my Godmother).

This past weekend, her daughter Amanda (my cousin) got married in a gorgeous ceremony in North Carolina. I wasn’t able to attend the wedding, but was so grateful for Facebook and the ability to follow the day’s events through photographs posted there.

My Aunt also sent me some photos of the day. It was truly a beautiful ceremony and reception and got me reminiscing about being the flower girl (above) at my Aunt’s big day. I remember that day and how excited I was to be the flower girl.

Yep, that little girl above who slept the whole night before with big pink rollers in her hair so it would have some fullness is me. I tend to have very flat, heavy, and super straight hair.

I know I’ve seen photos of this day before, but I truly don’t have any of my own – so I was so excited to get these. Above I’m with my little brother (so cute!!) and my cousin Joey who was the ring-bearer. Joey and I were born only a few days apart in December – just another little fact to share.

This one has to be my favorite of the photos my Aunt emailed me:

That “hot” woman standing behind me and my brother is my mom – didn’t she look gorgeous?! My dad is to the left of her in the burgundy jacket, his brother Joe is all the way to the left of the photo with my Uncle Mike and Uncle Ronny to his other side.

I’ll cherish this next photo as it has me and my Grandmother in it. I don’t really have any photographs of her, but I definitely have plenty of memories.

What a wonderful trip down memory lane! I’m so grateful she sent these and I’m sure that she will have photos from my cousin’s beautiful day to cherish for years to come too.

Now, moving from the 70’s to today…..

Congratulations Mandy and Adam!!

I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together!

Happy Wednesday Everyone,



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  1. Grandma Jan is looking pretty hot there! I love the dress! Its is totally back in style!

  2. Some of the pictures I had never seen. So many no longer with us but in our memories. You were so excited that day. Brought tears to my eyes.

    • me too Mom!!! AND after the tears, I laughed out loud to see how much I think I looked like Grandma that day!!!

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