The wonders of vinegar. This magic elixir comes in so many forms and can be used for everything from cleaning your house, preserving foods and soothing all your aches and pains.

There are so many uses for vinegar. Since it’s just a magnificent time of year to be outdoors, I’d like to focus on how it can aid with some simple home remedies when say the outdoors is not being so nice to you.

Vinegar and Bee Stings or Bug Bites

bee on a chamomile flower

Now, I’m not the biggest “bug” fan around, but I truly to love and value what bees bring to our life.

Pops and I used to have a hive here on our property and contemplate getting another one again someday. We didn’t bother the bees or take their honey, we just wanted to give them a place to reside – and possibly get a bonus from them for our garden.

They usually left us alone, but every once in a while, while working in the garden, one would get a bit frisky and give you a sting (which meant you had to get out of the area quick because it’s as if they mark you as a threat when they sting you giving all their buddies a reason to try to sting you too – OUCH!)

I stand by this remedy for bee stings as I remember it from a sting I received as a child. Mix vinegar with some cornstarch or baking soda to make a paste and apply it to the sting site letting it dry. This provides relief and reduces swelling as it draws out the venom the bee has left behind.

Vinegar and Bug Bites

Another type of bug biting you – like say a mosquito? Well, you can use the same paste as above.

I’ve also found dabbing a bit of toothpaste on the bite site will reduce the swelling and help alleviate the itching.

Vinegar and Rashes from Poison Ivy & Poison Oak

Speaking of itching…need to soothe a rash created from poison oak or poison ivy? Put 1/2 cup of vinegar in a pint water bottle then fill it the rest of the way with water. Pour some on a cloth making it damp and apply it to your rash. For even more relief, chill the container in the refrigerator and then apply.

Vinegar and Sunburns

Had too much sun for the day?

This happens to me all the time – the curse of the fair skin again. Even if I try to be super diligent with the sunscreen or try to sit in the shade, inevitably I still can get a bit of a sunburn.

If I do, I put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz the sunburned area. If my skin’s not too sensitive it even helps to simply splash the burned area and rub the vinegar in a bit. Worried about the scent? Well, as it dries the scent goes away. Trust me, it feels so good, you can make it through smelling it for a bit.

After the “sting” is alleviated a bit, it always helps to apply a little aloe vera too.

Got any green tips to add to the above? Please leave me a message below, I’d love to hear what works for you.

Be Healthy, Be Green!