As I was picking these luscious tomatoes from my garden this morning, I pondered all the different things I could do with them.

I thought I’d share my ideas:

  1. Eat  ‘Em Straight Up – pretty much describes itself – this happens to at least a few of these cuties each time I go out to pick them.
  2. Super Simple Salad – simply add some basil (from the garden) and a light vinaigrette. You can still taste all the freshness!
  3. Salsa – dice the tomatoes and add some chopped red onions, green chiles (or jalapeno if you dare), cilantro and/or flat parsley and garlic. Mix them together and go for it – or chill for later.
  4. Gazpacho – perfect summertime soup! Add olive oil, onion, red wine vinegar, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, cucumber, garlic and salt, puree and chill. (check out this Simple Gazpacho recipe)
  5. Oven Dry Them –  This recipe takes a while to complete, but it’s simple and worth the wait – drying them slowly is key! Cut tomatoes in half, sprinkle them with some salt and put in an oven set at 200 – 250 degrees. Leave them in there from 4 to 8 hours (depending on thickness of slices.) You’re looking for them to still be tender but to be a bit shriveled too. Use them right away in salads or add to some pasta. These will also keep if you put them in a covered container topping them with some olive oil – throw in some herbs like oregano to add a bonus flavor.
  6. Roast with Balsamic Vinegar. A little less time-consuming than oven-drying them. Toss tomato slices with olive oil and salt and pepper. Put them in a baking dish and roast them for 15-20 minutes at 325 degrees.  After roasting, toss them with a little bit of balsamic vinegar and some herbs – oregano, basil etc. These can be served warm or cold and added to salads or pasta dishes too.
  7. Bruschetta – Got some baguettes around? Toast them up in a warm oven. While they’re toasting, dice the tomatoes and mix them with olive oil, minced garlic, chopped basil, a dash of red wine vinegar and some salt and pepper. Delish! I even like to add some diced olives to my brushetta. Spoon it onto toasted bread pieces – one of my favorite appetizers of all time!
  8. Add to Pasta – simple, right? Make some pasta according to package directions, mix in some tomato slices, a little olive oil, some basil, maybe some capers and pine nuts and definitely some vegan parmesan.
  9. Cucumber Salad – another favorite, sliced tomatoes, cucumber slices, some vegan feta, and some Greek olives. Toss with a little Greek dressing or your favorite vinaigrette.

Ready for the last thing you can do with these cuties….


Bring some to your neighbors, your co-workers, or friends. Everyone loves fresh tomatoes and will be happy to receive some jewels from your garden!

Happy Weekend!




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